Hear Engines Roar in Racing Games

Whether it’s in film franchises such as The Fast & the Furious or movie classics like Grease: High-speed car chases have been a common trope in media for decades. This also holds true for video games. When the success of these fast-paced pursuits rose to success, developers realized what potential they had at their hands. Giving one or more players the chance to sit behind the wheel and pelt down the tracks in racing games is a powerful feeling that’s almost unparalleled in this industry - only fighting or action games could compete in terms of adrenaline-inducing gameplay. It is no wonder then that studios - both established and new - keep churning out new race games, while falling back on old mechanics or introducing new features to the genre. Here on, we also have a wide array of different racing games online available. Care to take a look at our selection?

We know what you might think: Racing games do nothing but pit two players against each other in time-based challenges. That’s far from what the genre has to offer these days though! Expect global tournaments, car chases at break-neck speeds, tricky challenges, and escape missions that will have you dodge either other teams or the authority. Yes, losing the police in action-packed duels is often a quintessential part of free racing games, whether you are playing on PC, consoles, or your very own mobile device. Your vehicle of choice doesn’t always have to be a simple automobile, as there’s also the possibility of getting behind the wheel of a go-kart or motorboat sometimes. No matter what you choose as your - let’s call it “weapon of choice” - one thing remains the same: speed and quick reflexes are requirements for reaching the top of the leaderboard in a racing game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Racing games featured on are not only free, but also offer multiplayer gameplay. This means that you are not alone on your quest for road rage glory and often get to compete against like-minded racers from all around the globe. In these competitions, it is of utmost importance that you stand out when it comes to gameplay as well as appearance. No one will take you seriously if you show up to a race in a little tin box of a car. That’s why in most racing games, you have the chance to customize every part of your car to match your personal style. From attributes to the paint job: You decide how you want to represent yourself - and potentially even your whole club - on the racing track, so choose your colors wisely!

Revolutionizing the Auto Club Movement

Speaking of clubs, most racing games give players two options: Either you race alone or join others online in a maverick gang that thrives only when cruising through cities or obstacle courses. Friends will make all the difference in free online games of that particular genre, especially during tournaments or worldwide championships. Together you will be able to burn rubber like never before...

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