Assembling All the Pieces in Puzzle Games

Wikipedia defines a puzzle as a „game, problem, or toy that tests a person’s ingenuity or knowledge. In a puzzle, one is required to put pieces together in a logical way, in order to arrive at the correct solution of the puzzle. “ (02/05/2015)

According to this definition almost any video game can be considered a puzzle. After all, in most genres, there will be passages where you will have to logically put pieces together in order to solve a riddle. Take any action-adventure or RPG as a good example for that. But even simpler game genres such as jump and runs will have you figure out how to jump precisely in order make it through the level. Entire franchises such as The Legend of Zelda have been built on this concept (just think of all the dungeons or most of the side quests). Then, there are a plethora of video games that only focus on solving riddles without beating around the bush. This is the beauty that is puzzle games. Time to put on your thinking hat and flex your brain a little before you continue reading! Thinking and solving problems is the only way you’ll succeed in this genre. Follow us on a journey through the depths of puzzle games.

Puzzle Games in the Browser of Your Choice

There are many ways to play free puzzle games, but one of the easiest is to simply play them in the browser of your choice. Yup, you can simply open Firefox, Chrome, or your Internet Explorer and play these puzzle games online. The only thing you will need is a steady internet connection. We recommend playing puzzle games on a social network such as Facebook. What is better than being able to immediately share your game status or ask for help among your friends?

Solving Riddles on the Go

Well, we can only think of one thing that is better than that: Playing puzzle games on the go! How is that possible? All you need to do is install a brain game on your mobile device and you can immediately start playing it. In our opinion, puzzle games are probably the most suitable gaming apps to play while on the move. You can easily delve into a short round of your favorite match-3 title or solve a hidden object mystery without having to worry that you will be interrupted in the midst of your game. Rounds are usually short and sweet and often require several tries. There’s no better place to train your skills than on the train or the bus. And if you still want to connect your game with Facebook, you can do so by logging in with your account. The puzzle games will share your status as soon as they can connect to the internet.

As Many Types of Games as Pieces to a Puzzle

Many people think of typical puzzles first when they think of puzzle games. They think of board games in which you put together differently shaped pieces to create a complete picture. There is more to this genre in video gaming. Logical thinking and solving riddles is the core of puzzle games which spans across different types of gameplay. These are a few of the most recurring types of games here on

  • Match-3 (Candy Crush Saga, Frozen Free Fall)
  • Riddle Games (Scribblenauts Remix)
  • Quiz Games (Trivia Crack)
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