Unleash Your Inner Royalty in Princess Games

Whether you embrace the monster within or turn into the hero that saves the day: There’s a wide variety of different characters that players can take on within the world of video game storytelling. The protagonist is usually one of the good guys, however, and sometimes even of royal descent. This is often the case in strategy games in which you get to slip into the role of a king or queen and command entire armies of troops that will give everything in their power to protect your empire and save you from harm. And then of course there’s the genre of princess games - a category that follows a very unique approach and is mostly found in mobile gaming.

Here, players of all sexes and ages are welcome to dive into world full of glitter and rainbows to take on the duties of a regal adolescent. The best thing about this genre: You will never have to get your hands dirty, as loyal companions are eager to complete tasks for you and will do everything to guarantee that you can lead an easy breezy life. As a princess, your focus lies on looking good and feeling fine. Yes, that is indeed a Lady Gaga reference. Well spotted!

Princess Games for Everyone

All princess games featured on are free-to-play and available on mobile devices. Whether it be Windows, iOS, or Android: Every platform will give you a selection of apps in which you follow the path of a princess, looking to reign the online mobile world with a combination of beauty and brains. Speaking of beauty: A good majority of all free princess games will have you work on your fashion sense and makeup skills. Get ready to pick out snazzy outfits, mix and match different accessories, and tease your character’s locks into magnificent hairdos. Straight, curly or just a simple pixie cut: How you wear your hair in the princess game of your choice is entirely up to you. Just make sure to stand out from the masses and beat the competition to the punch when it comes to styling events and beauty contests. Always radiate confidence - whether you are in the midst of a photo shoot or strutting your stuff down the catwalk! The competition never sleeps...

The Disney Factor

Princess games will usually revolve around a young girl that is looking to claim fame, love, and friendship. Some games, however, allow you to live through the hardships of a Disney princess. These Disney princess games are a new sensation within the gaming industry and usually pop up whenever a new movie is released. Remember Frozen Free Fall and Maleficent Free Fall? Yeah, those puzzle games might not fit the genre of princess games to a T, but they do feature Princess Elsa and Princess Aurora as main protagonists. And that’s what counts!

Where there’s a princess, there’s usually also a prince: These casual mobile games often follow a very stereotypical fairytale storyline in which you, as the princess, are on the lookout for true love. At some point in time you will stumble across your Prince Charming as you play through different quests and socialize with other players online. What do you do then? Get to know him better and - if everything goes well - get married and live happily ever after. Just as fictional as fairy tales ought to be!

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