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Warm and Fuzzy Pet Games from Browsergamez

Like you, we promised our parents we’d walk Sparky the dog every day. Then fur balls and doggy bags happened. Now, we’re just happy to tousle our loyal companion’s fur in pet games online. You’ll find plenty of cuddly critters to care for in our digital collection. From feline to equine, our pet games are crammed with cuteness. Scoop up an armful of fun for yourself at Browsergamez.

The cat’s in the cradle in pet games online

Pets and games come in all shapes and sizes. Finding your perfect match is easy with us. Start small by raising a hamster surrounded by warm bedding and crunchy seeds, then discover your wild side as a zookeeper in one of our exciting zoo games. Unlike real life, you can adopt hundreds of wild animals when you play free pet games – without aggravating your parents, or allergies. You can rough it outdoors and keep your clothes clean in a farm game. Watch your chickens tear up a cabbage patch and try churning butter while ol’ Betsie the cow chews through bushels of hay. But if you get tired of sitting ducks, then you can always raise flying dragons in one of our unpredictable animal games.

Your new pets, whether real or fantastical, will delight you for hours. Discover your soft side as you dive into a world of fluff and feathers, or ride into the sunset on your trusty steed with our horse games. Whatever your persuasion, you’ll find a lovable animal just for you in a pet game like no other. We combine puzzles and challenges with touching animal narratives to keep you and your loyal pet guessing. In some of our most imaginative virtual pet games, you even can create your own animal species and breed them from an egg into whatever you decide.

Birds of a feather flock to free pet games

The great thing about our virtual pet games is that they bring people and animals together. You can instantly share your farm or Angry Bird scores with friends on Facebook to see how you stack up to other gamers. What’s more, you can compare notes on how to care for your pets, or buy a new furry friend together in a pet shop game that beats going to the mall. Come on by and meet our cast of cuddly creatures, including:

  • Wiley Foxes & Rowdy Hens
  • Slobbering Puppies & Primping Kittens
  • Spotted Cows & Jumping Horses
  • Curly Piglets & Zany Beasties

It won’t take long before you’re in love with your online pet – and who knows, one day your parents might let you have a real one, too! Until then, you’ll have plenty of adventure and challenges to keep you busy in our online pet games.

Pet games that are always at you side

We know you want to frolic in the sun with your critters, as well as enjoy their antics from the comfort of your home. That’s why our library of free-to-play pet games is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. So you’ll find that playing your favorite pet game at Browsergamez is easier than, well – putting a leash on a hamster or taking your fish tank to school. Bring your pets along on an outdoor adventure with our iOS and Android games for your mobile device or tablet. Or cozy up at home with engrossing pet games online designed to dazzle your browser.

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