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Forget the rules they taught you in kindergarten about waiting your turn and sitting still; they won’t do you any good when you are knee-deep in Browsergamez’ incredible range of sandbox games. This is way better than driving around in circles in a parking lot. Here, you’ll build sandcastles so high they’ll block out the sun for your enemies – while exhibiting your creative powers to your friends. With free sandbox games like these, you can exchange your daily grind for world-building on an unprecedented scale.

We have plenty of uncharted territories crying out for explorers, settlers and buccaneers like you to discover. Drop anchor for the night on the distant shores of our open world games and we’ll show you creatures and villains beyond imagining. The world is your oyster: with no invisible walls, linear gaming structures or limits on where you can go. Capture the spirit of Columbus when he set off in search of the new world in the coolest open world scenarios you’ve seen – or one-up the old navigator and build a new planet of your own in our sandbox games. We give you all the tools you need to break ground and build it; all you have to do is visit Browsergamez to start construction.

Our definitive list of open world games will end your quest for entertainment

The search for the coolest open world games in the most addictive genres is over. Our open world historical games hurtle you backwards to times when the world was still wild and unmapped. Become a medieval ruler and get entangled in conquest and court intrigue, building up a kingdom where once only weeds could grow. Or join forces with Napoleon in our strategy games and redraw the borders of Europe in your favorite color. You could also fling yourself in a completely different direction in our alien games. Why not start a space colony with your green-skinned girlfriend? Maybe you want to leave civilization behind altogether, in which case, try one of our post-apocalyptic zombie games.

If you can think of an exciting RPG games scenario, we’ve got it – except bigger and more dangerous than you were expecting. Best of all, open world games don’t impose the limitations found within traditional linear games. This means hours of free-wheeling gameplay that makes in-game exploration and adventure feel like a natural extension of life. You don’t bump into invisible barriers when you drive to the grocery store, so why shouldn’t your car tear up every backstreet in L.A. in an open world game? When all the world’s a stage, then you’re the number one player at

Build ‘em up and kick ‘em down in sandbox games

At Browsergamez, you can explore other people’s gaming creations or make your own. In our free sandbox games, you won’t only have the opportunity to build worlds from materials you scrape together as an explorer, you can be a game designer and set the gaming parameters yourself. If you’ve dreamed of peeking behind the curtain and living the life of a game designer, then this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. In our sandbox games, you set the rules that other gamers will have to follow. Sign up now and:

  • Design a new world from scratch
  • Create your own game
  • Wander through never-ending landscapes
  • Travel though time to long-lost civilizations

What’s more, our vast collection of free open world survival games will put you in touch with other gamers just as keen on exploration, construction and destruction as you are. Encountering other gamers within our online gaming portals increases the challenge and fun of world-building in sandbox games and exploration in our collection of open world games for PC.

Play the best open world games and sandbox games online from anywhere

You can download our sandbox games for PC onto your browser when you have time to go the distance as an explorer, foot soldier or renegade king. If you want to joust with other gamers while you’re on the move, however, then you can try one of our open world RPG games on your mobile device or tablet; our games are compatible with iOS and Android so your gaming possibilities are as limitless as our selection of games. The open world awaits you!

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