Ninja Games Call for Silent Assassins

There is one ninja move that we all remember: Wipe on, Wipe off, Wipe on, Wipe off. If you have no idea what we’re talking about then you probably haven’t seen Karate Kid and will likely have no clue as to who Mr. Miyagi is. But fret not, these ninja games will teach you all there is to know about the art of being an agile warrior. Okay, maybe not everything there is to know, and we certainly do not advise that you go out into public trying to replicate the moves that your see on these games, for there is a high chance that you will end up injuring yourself! But even without the trusty guidance of Mr. Miyagi, you can still become a silent assassin, well a virtual one at least here on

Being a Ninja 101

The term "ninja" originates from the Japanese art of ninjutsu, which was widely considered to be more an art of tricks than a martial art, but now it refers to a person who has excelled in a certain field. In light of this, it’s no wonder ninja games are so diverse in their gameplay, what with there being no real definition for the term "ninja". However, we can safely say that most ninja games will refer to a game that is related to martial arts in some way or another.

Ninja games can be good way to let off some steam, taking on some fierce enemies with moves that marry gymnastics and fighting to make for one epic attack. There are many different types of games in this category, each with their own types of fighting styles and gameplay. A ninja game might be more roleplaying in nature, where players must use their newly founded skills to work their way through a storyline. Or maybe the game will just involve player-versus-player battles, one-on-one combat where players must develop their skills as a ninja and learn increasingly difficult moves to bring down their opponents in matches that are reminiscent of the classic Tekken games.

Ninja games can be found in all corners of the World Wide Web and we here are have plenty of exciting titles to choose from. Ninja games online allow you to play against other experienced players. Engage in tournaments and championships to see who is the most agile of fighters, or battle it out in scenes with hundreds of other players, in hack ‘n’ slash ninja battles of pure frenzy fun!

Be Stealthy and Quick

From nimble ninjas to heavy-footed powerhouses, there is something to suit everyone's playing styles in ninja games. Each type of character will have their own attributes that you must practice in order to get the most out of your silent assassin. How you navigate your character and use their abilities will depend on the game, but most of these games will require the following:

  • Quick thinking
  • Good reflexes
  • A good understanding of the abilities
  • Knowing the controls

Many ninja games are 2D and side-scrolling in their gameplay, resulting in retro ninja scenes that look like they belong in an old arcade game. Ninja games tend to make full use of the controls that correspond to the platform they’re based on. For instance, some ninja games make use of the touchscreen of a mobile device, where players must swipe the screen in order to slash the oncoming obstacles. Fruit Ninja, anyone? Whatever platform the game is based on, one thing is for sure: These games will certainly put your eye-hand coordination to the test!

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