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Find New Games at the Industry’s Cutting Edge with Browsergamez

Worried about missing out on a new game release? Rest easy – Browsergamez keeps you up-to-date on the latest gaming trends and then some. You don’t have to go rummaging through the backwoods of the Internet to find a solid list of new games; we’re your trusted, one stop source for free games in every genre and format. Find downloadable browser games you can play anytime, online multi-player games, and mini mobile games to keep you entertained on the run. Our team does all the leg work so you can stay informed on the latest developments and find a great new game at any time - so, put your feet up and get playing.

Finding a new game is a piece of cake with us

With new games that are at the vanguard of the industry, we guarantee you’ll find something to surprise and entertain you. We’re in touch with the most popular film, television and comic franchises around so you can experience the characters and storylines you love in a new game of unexplored dimensions. What’s more, we have new game releases that one up the output from other industries in terms of originality and sheer fun, so once you’ve played a franchise title, you’ll want to move on to something even crazier next. Luckily, that’s easy to do when you browse our new games category and start discovering genres.

Our fantasy games combine medieval standards like taverns and wenches with thrilling magic and lurking danger; worn out tropes don’t interest us when we go hunting for new PC games. Even casual gamers looking to drop in on social farm games while they’re waiting for the bus will find something unexpected here. Why get stuck in the stables when you can ride a rainbow colored unicorn through a field of candy? We can’t see any reason to stick to the beaten path when the laws of reality – like gravity and time – are already out the window. So, check out the new game titles in our mobile games section and get dazzled by that unicorn, or pummeled by an orc. You decide!

New games to thrill and chill you at Browsergamez

The newest games in our collection come in every imaginable flavor, so you can take on almost any role and immerse yourself in wild scenarios. Become a real estate tycoon on a tropical island or Dracula’s thirstier cousin in vampire games; a card shark with an iron poker face; and a gun-toting maniac in post-apocalyptic shooting games; or an honest fisherman looking for his supper. We’d say the sky’s the limit, but our space games are well beyond the Earth’s orbit. Strap yourself into a window seat on our spaceship; in our new games, you’ll see:

  • Dinosaurs tearing up your neighbor’s lawn
  • Zombies shopping for brains at the mall
  • Truck drivers racing dragons above the freeway
  • City skylines appear and disappear within minutes

You better keep your eyes peeled when you visit our new games pages, otherwise you might miss these sights, and many more. We keep our collection up to date with fresh releases so you can find a new game anytime you visit us. Not to mention, our incredible catalogue of classics, favorites and recent winners.

Play new games anywhere you go on multiple devices

Almost as good as our new games selection is the accessibility of our games, and if you have a mobile device, portability. Most of our games are free-to-play so there’s no reason why you can’t dip your toes in as many different new games as you like. You can skip pants and download a browser game to your PC when you’re chilling at home, or you swipe high points away from your opponents on your tablet. We’ll keep you entertained on your iOS or Android smartphone while you’re waiting at the dentist’s office. is your best bet for finding new games releases that will follow you anywhere.

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