Battling It Out Against Others in a MOBA

A MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is a game in which you and multiple other people online battle it out on a battlefield, playing as a preselected character and using their abilities on the field to take down the other players.

Originally MOBAs were designed for use on a PC or console, mostly because it lacked practicality to have a MOBA on a mobile device when battles can last up to 30 minutes and beyond. Also known as action real time strategy games, this genre has many layers of strategy that you must adopt in order to outwit your competitors. That being said, it is also very much a game of skill. You must learn to use the varying abilities of your characters when you are fighting your opponents. Each character will have their own unique qualities, skills, and attributes that you can learn to use in battle. Your skill in controlling your character will likely determine the outcome of the battle.

Terminology of MOBA Games

You will often hear certain terminology that is associated with a MOBA, which can appear confusing at first, but fret not, it is actually very simple. If the game is team based, meaning you join a team of players and battle against another team, then the gameplay can be described, in vague terms, as follows: The map will likely consist of:

  • Lanes
  • Defences
  • Jungles
  • Bases

The lanes are pathways from one base to another, on which most of the action happens. On these lanes, there are normally defences like gun turrets, which fight a particular team and shoot at the opposing team. The jungle will normally have features that will help you in battle, like a shop where you can buy healing potions or characters which you can manipulate into fighting for your team. Each team base usually has an object which will need to be destroyed in order to win the game. Depending on the type of gameplay, this object will likely only be destroyable if you also defeated the other defences. In other words, each defence will need to be taken down before any damage can be inflicted on the opposing team’s base.

The other type of gameplay in a MOBA is when you are a lone soldier battling the other characters in an all for one, one for all type game. In this type of MOBA it is up to you to stand alone and fight against hordes of other characters and players online. This makes for intense battles of up to thousands of other players.

Most MOBA games online are based on a fantasy setting. Maps, gameplay, and characters usually possess magical powers, like in Vainglory or DotA 2. However, some are based on an army setting with commanders and soldiers as their main characters, like in Total War: Arena. In any case, you can be sure to see some intense PvP action in all the MOBA titles here at

Purchasable Content

Some MOBA titles will have purchasable content that will require real money, like new and exciting characters or weapons. However, the purchasable content will not affect your ability to win a tournament or battle, as each character is well balanced in terms of their strengths and abilities.

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