Play Together Online in an MMO

Ever since the Internet made its transition from being a novelty product to becoming a household necessity, gamers have had the chance to join forces online via servers or co-op gameplay. It didn’t take long for technology to advance to bigger heights, however, and allow the community to get together on an even bigger scale in free MMOs. What’s an MMO, you ask? The acronym stands for Massively Multiplayer Online and is oftentimes a synonym for a game that not only features online gameplay, but also has a player base of thousands, if not millions, of gamers worldwide. This could hold true for any old genre – including roleplaying games, strategy games, card games, or shooters.

No matter the category: As long as studios keep churning out these titles that have massive server capacities, flocks of gamers will team up and take on challenging adventures as a valorous unit. has a wide variety of different MMOs. Here’s a selection:

  • Aion, Tera, Neverwinter (MMORPG)
  • Zombies Monsters Robots, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Warface (MMOFPS)
  • Stronghold Kingdoms, Forge of Empires, Grepolis (MMORTS)

Massively Multiplayer Online Battles

Being part of the MMOG world feels rather special. How so? Well, it’s pretty difficult to explain until you experience it yourself, but it does feel exhilarating to be a part of something huge. Knowing that there are countless other players following the same path as your character is an empowering sensation that’s hard to find outside the online gaming community. The perks of joining an MMO are pretty straight-forward, as you not only have thousands of other players to group up with for crusades, dungeons, raids, or other dangerous endeavors, but also get to chat, trade, and strategize with like-minded geeks and nerds on a daily basis. You know that whenever you log into the MMO of your choice, there will be someone online and waiting, looking for a companion to join them in battle. And if there’s no one to be found, the game might not be around much longer. Sorry!

Engage in Free MMO Gameplay

When you have a bunch of gamers fighting for legendary loot and the ultimate bragging rights, emotions tend to run a little bit high. Understandably so! That’s why in almost any MMO you will find ways for players to challenge each other, say in the form of arena fights, battlegrounds or open-world warfare between different guilds or factions. Here, players can show off their skills and prove to the opposing party that they are the ones in charge and in control of their territory.

Another feature that truly makes an MMO an MMO is the fact that the worlds keep on growing. Just because a game has launched doesn’t mean that the developing team behind said title will stop working on it - on the contrary! From fixing bugs to adding new content, chances are that you will be greeted with a patch or an update every few weeks or months, which will surprise you with new adventures. New adventures which - of course - can be taken on with fellow champions online.

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