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The smithy is alive with the sounds of hammering and clinking steel; there’s a battle coming, and the blacksmith at Browsergamez has a backlog of orders for swords, chainmail and shields. That’s not thunder you’re hearing in the distance, those are the drums and marching feet of a fearsome army coming to conquer your castle and pilfer your lands. Everyone in our medieval games, from lowly serf to high lord, is suiting up for the fight – even the king’s jester has a crate of rotten vegetables to toss over the wall. That leaves you with a simple choice: turn tail or play a medieval game so fun you’ll wish the Renaissance had never happened.

All your favorite medieval characters are waiting at the drawbridge as you step back in time and take up arms beside them. Greet your hardy peasants, who have been tilling the fields since dawn, and the silk-clad lords and ladies ready to swear allegiance to your noble cause. You won’t have to bend the knee to them, or anyone else – because this is your homecoming, and you’re the king of the castle. Our medieval war games will push your leadership and experience with strategy games to the breaking point – until, at last, you emerge victorious on the field of battle, or perish in the mud. Everything’s fair game in the dark ages – and the medieval games at Browsergamez are no exception.

Throw down your gauntlet, sims and medieval games are at the gate!

This is your chance to experience life in the dark ages, long before the arrival of television or dental care. Our beautifully rendered medieval games will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine; simply turn on your browser or mobile device and we’ll show you what the world of yesterday looked like, leaving only the smell of the Middle Ages to your imagination. At Browsergamez, you can lead a siege in castle games with deadly weapons or play fantasy games to hunt down dragons before they turn your serf’s crops to ash. Sorcery might get the better of your sword in this unpredictable gaming landscape, so stay alert as you explore forgotten kingdoms and go hunting for resources in ancient woods.

Pillaging and plundering your neighbor’s villages isn’t the only path to success with us, you’ll also need to outwit countless other online players vying for supremacy in our massive multi-player arenas. Study your maps by candlelight and pick the location for your next fortress or settlement. You’ll have to defend it fiercely from other invaders in our medieval strategy games if you want to see it flourish into a kingdom. Expect to go on raids of your own to secure the resources you’ll need to keep your army equipped and your growing number of loyal subjects housed, clothed and well-fed. Your arrows better be as sharp as your wits as you:

  • Rule your kingdom with an iron fist
  • Smite your enemies with medieval weapons
  • Lunge and parry in a sword game
  • Build a castle stone for stone

Our medieval games online are the perfect way to flex your gaming muscles against other international gamers, or simply make merry with your band of online brothers. It’s up to you whether you want to forge alliances or make fresh enemies to compete with. Just hurry over before the portcullis closes on this world of intricate heraldry and damsels in high towers.

Catapult yourself into medieval games from Browsergamez

Thanks to our modern gaming technology, you can play fun medieval games for PC on your browser, or take them to go on your mobile device. Go on a crusade while riding the bus when you play one of our mobile games for iOS or Android. Alternatively, you can prepare a long siege from your favorite browser and experience unbeatable graphics and hours of immersive game play. Our games are perfect if you enjoy hunkering down by yourself like a medieval monk or if you want to challenge other gamers to do battle online. In fact, there’s nothing medieval about the gaming possibilities at Browsergamez, except of course for the best medieval games on the Internet.

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