Match-3 Games to Keep You Busy

Looking at the popularity of video games, it is interesting to realize that it doesn’t always take the most exquisite setting for a game to be successful, popular, or good! A title doesn’t need to be set in an alternative universe, in outer space, or in a fantasy world in order to be enjoyable. It doesn’t require a profound plot with various turning points and an important message (although that is always appreciated) in order to grab players’ attention. The gameplay doesn’t need to be so extensive that it involves having to study a book of instructions in order to be successful in it. All a fun game needs is a basic, simple, yet challenging gameplay.

“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it's too easy.” (Henry Jenkins)

No statement could be truer about match 3 games, a genre that thrives from its simple and intuitive gameplay which gets gradually more challenging, the further you progress. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to play through, but rather intuitive to get started.

The Origins of Tile-Matching Video Games

Match 3 games originally go back to the earliest time of video gaming, back when it was much harder to depict extensive digital worlds for lack of technological capabilities. Nowadays, in hardcore gaming, riddles and puzzles are mostly used as gimmicks to break up the more complex and profound gameplay. One of the most well-known tile-matching video games is probably Tetris which first came out in the 1980s! This mother of all casual games has basically been the source of interpretation for all match games.

The Conquest of Match 3 Games

Free match 3 games are all the rage these days. Candy Crush Saga, Frozen Free Fall, and others lead the app store charts. These are the games that are being advertised on huge banners on the street, in commercials between your favorite TV shows, and anywhere else you look! The match 3 games genre was never dead, it was always around - be it on the Gameboy, in the browser of your choice, or in PC games. With the technological advances of smartphones and tablets, they have seen an impressive renaissance. Never before was it so easy to get a new puzzle game. All it takes is an internet connection to play it on Facebook or to download it on your phone and play it whenever you feel like it. It has also never been cheaper, as many games in which you combine tiles to complete various goals are completely for free.

Explaining the Gameplay

It is not terribly difficult to pinpoint what match 3 games are. The general gameplay of match 3 is usually quite straightforward. The individual variations and tweaks are what make every new installment of this genre exciting and fun - especially if they are well-balanced!

  • various levels that are usually vertically presented
  • each level features stones, gems, or other objects that are stacked in rows and lines
  • there are a certain number of differently colored stones
  • stones of the same type can be swiped or combined to destroy them (usually at least three)
  • this will reward players with points, while new stones come pouring in from above
  • impressive combos result in special boosts that clear more stones and reward more points

There are numerous match 3 games on waiting for you to be explored and downloaded.

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