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Glam up your routine with make up games from

Every girl can feel like a princess thanks to our vibrant selection of make up games. Let your imagination run wild as you try out endless combinations of colors, hairstyles and accessories. You don’t have to be a grown-up to put on lipstick in every shade or make believe you run one of the hottest salons on the block; our free make up games give you an all access-pass to a glittering world of beauty and fun.

Get your avatar looking picture perfect without paying expensive fees at the salon—just open your favorite make up game app and start painting your heart out. Our rainbow collection of colors means you can try out all the fresh and wild looks you want. You won’t need a steady hand to fill in eyeliner here—our make up games for girls give you perfect results every time. Glamourize your avatar with kaleidoscopic colors and practice your favorite styles on different faces. Playing make up games online will bring out the hidden make-up artist in you.

Make up games put your best face forward

Here’s your chance to ditch the real world and let the make up games begin in your very own salon. Take charge of stunning makeovers that will transform your doll into a beauty queen. First get rid of unsightly blemishes and wash your girl’s hair, then be creative with her makeup and styling to achieve inspired results. Even the most stubborn tomboys will come around to your fun creations. If not, simply apply our magic beauty oil to reveal your model’s natural good looks.

The great thing about playing a make up game with us is that your results are never average. Meet a cast of vampires and monsters who go <em>glam</em> in the night to capture the spirit of Halloween anytime of the year. Pick out the right outfits for your undead beauties and don’t forget to spook out your friends on social media. Make up doesn’t have to be pretty to make an impact!

Enhance your avatar’s looks with glittering products

When you play make up games for free you can offset your girl’s looks with sparkling jewelry and accessories. What’s more, you can play dress up online with our free fashion games so your avatar will shine from head to toe. Want to showcase her natural beauty? Choose her skin color and then let it shine through with minimal make up; cover up problem areas with foundation and voila! Your avatar is ready to go. If the au naturel look gets old, then change it up with glitter, rhinestones or removable tattoos. Your every whim is possible with our make up girl games. When your beauty salon is open for business, you’ll never get bored applying layer after layer of color and shine.

Never-ending fun with the best make up games for girls

Make up games for free give you the chance to experience unlimited access to all the make up your heart could desire. You don’t have to be rich to play with looks like a celebrity— everything you need to make the top of the red carpet list is at your fingertips with our selection of dress up games and make up palettes. Get your girl’s peepers popping with luscious lashes and bold eye shadow, then match them with the perfect lip color. Give her a cute haircut before you go to the salon—our online games are a great way to experiment with the all the looks that tickle your fancy. You can even use face paint to create daring patterns or painted-on masks: copy your avatar’s looks at your next costume party. Make up games for kids ensures maximum creativity allowing players to:

  • Coordinate colors with a sparkly range of jewelry
  • Become style princesses through fun simulation games (link to new category)
  • Experiment with different looks for hours
  • Share with friends online for more fun

The possibilities are endless when you step into our copious world of beauty, fashion and fun.

Enjoy your collection of girl pleasing make up games everywhere!

We’ll roll the make-up chair straight to you when you choose to play one of our many mobile games. There’s no need to call ahead to book an appointment with us; you can access your favorite make up game anytime from your iOS or Android mobile device. If you’d rather see your creations on the big screen, then join us on your tablet or your preferred browser at home. Our social features allow you to easily share your avatar’s fabulous before and after pics with friends over Facebook or within our online community. These make up games are easy to use —perfect for youngsters having fun or for teens who want to practice make up looks. Soon everyone will want to get a makeover designed by you!</p>

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