Mahjong - The Virtual Version of a Chinese Game

Sometimes, it is interesting to see what kind of trends swap over from the real world to the world of free-to-play gaming! Take Mahjong as an example. This game originated in China hundreds of years ago and has now found its way to the world of video gaming. It is usually played by four people sitting at a table using tiles. In more recent years, Mahjong has popularized the internet. Digital free-to-play versions can be found anywhere and all types of players seem to find a liking to the brain game. If you have no idea what kind of game Mahjong is, you can most easily compare it to solitaire or memory. Two tiles that have the same symbol make a pair. Easier said than done! Tiles that are covered by other tiles are not available for play until they are uncovered. There are not so many rules to keep in mind. When you play it by yourself online, you will simply combine the pairs. However, one of the few general rules to keep in mind is that you cannot choose tiles that have another tile on their left and right side. If one of their sides is free, you can choose it. It might seem simple, but it’s actually quite the feat to pair up all the tiles to the very last one!

Mahjong as a Way to Pass the Time

Mahjong online (also wrongly spelled Mah Jong, Ma Jong, or Mahjongg sometimes) is fascinatingly addicting. The fun game features a perfect balance between being challenging and difficult and straight forward gameplay. Whenever you get to combine a few tiles in a row, you tend to quickly do so without thinking too much about it. But as soon as you get stuck, you will have to consider every move in order to make progress. There is a good reason why some games stick around for decades or even centuries.

How to Succeed

When you begin Mahjong, you will find dozens of tiles that are partially stacked upon each other. In more difficult versions and levels, up to four tiles or more will be stacked towards the middle of the field. The higher the piles, the more difficult the levels are. You should make sure to get rid of those pesky piles first. While you will find some online Mahjong versions that are more like a tutorial, there are others that will reward you with actual points. Sometimes, you will register an account or connect to the game via Facebook to share your high scores and compete against your friends.

Traditional Tiles Will Delight You

It might be overwhelming to play Mahjong for the first time. After all, the puzzle game offers quite a lot of different tiles. If you are not familiar with Chinese or East Asian culture, these might seem a little foreign to your eyes. If you stick to one version of the online game, you will quickly be able to easily set them apart. There are various themes that you will find over and over again on the tiles.

  • Various flowers
  • Different depictions of the seasons
  • Circles or even coins
  • Numbers and letters
  • People

Train Your Eyes to be Successful

While you don’t have to learn a whole bunch of rules when you start playing Mahjong, it is not quite as easy as you might think! Each time you try the casual game, you will get a little bit better at recognizing the various tiles and differentiating them! Not only will you have to play in a tactical manner, but you will also have to train your eyes.

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