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Experience Your Wildest Dreams in Life Simulation Games at

Anyone that has ever played The Sims will know exactly what it’s like to play a life simulation game. Here at we have collected the very best life simulation games for you to download and play for free online. In these games you can create your own online personality and live life to the fullest; you can form friendships, build houses, and even get your dream job in these life simulation games.

As you step into the virtual realm, the world really is your oyster! You can become an online avatar and embark on all kinds of exciting and otherworldly activities. If becoming a world-famous popstar is your dream, or perhaps becoming an astronaut, then all of this is possible in these life simulation games.

Total Freedom

In these online life simulation games you can turn your character into anything you want. Free-to-play games of this genre put you right in the center of a virtual world waiting to be explored. As you complete quests and achievements in the game, you can watch your character develop and grow into a completely unique and individual avatar. Anyone that has played in a life simulation game before will know just what to expect when dropped into the diverse and social world of games like Smeet or Virtual Life. As you set out in the sandbox environment, you can build friendships with real players from all over the world, and build relationships socially, just like in the real world. Here are just some of the ways that you can create a unique character:

  • Create your own house.
  • Apply for your dream job
  • Take advantage of different opportunities
  • Take part in sporting events
  • Organize parties with your in-game friends

All of the different games that has chosen is completely different, with each game offering new and exciting possibilities! Whether you want to play for free on your PC by downloading the game, or play on-the-go on your iOS or Android device, there’s the perfect life simulation game for you here at

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