Knight Games in Historical Settings

„Most have been forgotten. Most deserve to be forgotten. The heroes will always be remembered. The best. The best and the worst. And a few who were a bit of both." (George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows)

There is something very fascinating about knights, meaning people granted with an honorary knighthood by a monarch because they contributed to a nation in an important way. While they weren’t considered nobility in their day and age, they certainly have become even more iconic than royals. What is it about these warriors that make them so memorable, so iconic, and so awe-inspiring? There is a wide array of reasons:

  • Selfless heroic actions
  • Chivalrous strength, wisdom, and skills
  • Shiny and iconic armor
  • Sigils and horses
  • Swords and other weaponry
  • Associated with legends, magic, and fantasy

While the real life of knights was probably not all butterflies and rainbows, the image that is conveyed nowadays in media certainly suggests that it was. Not that we’re saying that this is a bad thing, since we love the way these warriors are portrayed in knight games. Focusing on their positive and iconic associations certainly make them larger than life. In knight games, you don’t have to merely dream of becoming a warrior. In these action, strategy, or RPG games, you become a knight in shining armor yourself. Make good use of your responsibility and become a hero to remember in the knight game you choose!

A Knight to Remember

There is a wide range of knight games out there. One of the most popular forms of a knights game is real-time strategy. These are often available in the browser of your choice entirely for free. Just check out our selection and you will find many free knight games for you browser, which are set in a more realistic world. Here, you get to battle it out against other soldiers, vagabonds, and lawless humans. In these knight games, you will either complete smaller quests in which you fight a band of thieves or you will head into major battles against other kingdoms. In some of these knight games, you will not slip into the role of a single warrior yourself, but instead lead an entire army of valiant soldiers into battle!

Fighting against Dragons and Orcs

Then, there are knight games that are associated with the fantastical lore that surrounds these heroic warriors. Sometimes, fighting a scoundrel is just not enough to get your heroic juices flowing. Sometimes, it takes a dragon to let you feel the adrenaline rush of a fight. In this case, you should take a closer look at fantastical games that feature knights. Here, the strength and wisdom of these fighters is measured against the fantastical power of mythological creatures. In these games, you will have to prove that you have been knighted for all the right reasons! These knight games often tend to be roleplaying games or brawlers. However, they are not limited to these genres, as this heroic figure has learned to span all kinds of gaming categories over the years.

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