Killing Games

Killing Games - Harmless Fun or Immoral Hobby?

Gamers don’t have it easy. We are not just fishing for compliments here, it’s true! Just listen to the news and see how many times reporters and scientists use our community as a scapegoat for horrible things that happen in the world. From school shootings to the downfall of Generation Y: Gamers are usually the ones to blame. While other hobbies are praised and presented as these great activities one could do in their free time, spending hours in front of a screen is often not only ridiculed, but also considered reprehensible.

This baffles us - especially when you compare gaming to other pastimes like reading or playing sports. As gamers, we too dive into alternate realities and participate in group play. People unfamiliar with what games really have to offer like to call us lazy bums, cowards or even ticking time bombs waiting to explode. This is where the term killing games comes in.

Stock Up on New Weapons

Killing games can be found in many action-packed genres, predominantly in shooters, survival or zombie games. As their name implies, killing games usually revolve around two or more characters that have it out with each other, fighting for the ultimate bragging rights.

Let’s take a look what killing games have to offer, shall we? What they usually boil down to is quick gameplay that allows you to meet other players online and improve your reflexes at the same time. This genre gives mature gamers a forum to get together and put their aiming skills to the test. Except that they are not hunting for game or other animals (except in a few niche games), but instead have their sights set on enemy gamers. Killing games require precision, nimble fingers and nerves of steel.

Having access to professional gaming equipment can help a good deal, especially when it comes to movement. Here, knowing where to hide and how to evade incoming attacks is just as important as landing the killing blow itself. While it is often firearms or sharp melee weapons that will get the job done, some killing games even offer kitchen appliances or heavy machinery for players to choose as their favorite item of mass destruction.

Free killing games are known for featuring multiplayer gameplay and online matches. How does one participate? By logging onto a special server and choosing a game mode.

Killing Games Online

All killing games featured here on are played online and against other players. Various game modes are available to virtual mercenaries from all around the globe, whether you are freezing others to death in Quake Live or blowing up armored vehicles in World of Tanks. Other classic game modes include:

  • Free-For-All
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag

The important factor here is to work together, regardless of which game you are currently playing. If you are in a team, surviving a match will not only depend on skill and talent, but also on how well you work with other members of your team. Communication is key! That is why most killing games are often played with VoIP software running in the background (like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak) that allows allies to talk to each other in real time instead of having to write out commands in chat.

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