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Apple is going to rule the world one day. We’re all thinking it. It’s just a matter of time. The company goes from strength to strength every year, always one step ahead of the game, always releasing the next big innovative product. They outdo their competitors for their modern gadgets which incorporate all the necessities needed of the modern day man. Each version of Apple’s mobile operating system that is released tends to include the latest in mobile technology unrivalled by its competitors, namely Android and Windows. So it’s not hard to see why developers prefer releasing their mobile games on iOS. Usually, a higher ratio of mobile games will start out on an Apple mobile operating system before they make their way to Android and Windows at a later date.

iOS is the operating system that makes iPhones what they are today: a great gadget that brings modern computer technology to the handheld container of a mobile. So small in size, it’s incredible to think how much power it can achieve, especially in the context of iPhone games, which are becoming increasingly more complex. The graphics that are capable with the latest Apple operating systems make iPhone games surprisingly immersive, even though the screen is relatively small when compared with computers or TVs.

Console or PC to iPhone

Most games can be adapted to make them suitable for mobile devices, but there are many other aspects to consider in order for the game to translate successfully. The capabilities of the operating system will always decide the intricacy of the game. There are many franchises that have branched out from console games to mobile games and iPhone games, where the developers have felt that the capabilities of Apple’s mobile operating systems are good enough to accurately represent their games and the franchise. Take a look at some of the well-known franchises that have successfully adapted their games to make them suitable for Apple’s mobile operating systems:

  • The Sims
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Call of Duty
  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • FIFA
  • Star Wars

There are also many games that were released exclusively for Apple mobile devices. Take Vainglory for instance, one of the first MOBAs in the world to have been made for a mobile operating system. This game was showcased at the iPhone 6 launch to demonstrate the power of the phone and its graphical capabilities.

Touch Screen Controls

One aspect that makes iPhone games appealing is the use of Apple’s touchscreen technology. Most of us are familiar with the easy-to-use touchscreen controls of Apple’s mobiles and tablets, and it’s these controls which make for a unique gaming experience where, instead of using the typical keyboard and mouse or game controller, the developers have had to adapt their games so that they can be navigated using the touchscreen controls of the mobile device. This has brought forward some interesting styles of gameplay where players have to swipe, tap, and tilt their mobile devices in order to navigate through the iOS games.

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