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It’s time to take a stand against boredom and the same old, same old with our handpicked collection of free indie games. If you’re an experienced gamer looking for something different, or a novice who wants to get blown away, then you’ve come to the right place. We love creativity, innovation and incredible graphics as much as you do. That’s why we keep up-to-date on the newest, wackiest games from independent developers around the world to bring you a curated selection of off-the-wall gems. Discover an indie game at and experience the thrill of the new.

Uncover your next indie game darling in our vault of surprises

Some of the top games we can’t live without today actually came out of left field, taking the industry by storm and re-writing the rule book on what makes a great game. This type of innovation can get addictive. Here at, we strive to bring you your fix of the weirdest and most wonderful picks from the indie games scene. We have something to suit every taste; what’s more, we’ll introduce you to your next surprise favorite.

Who could have predicted the indie game classic Minecraft would introduce us to one of the best-loved gaming universes ever? Or that others would try so hard to reproduce it? You can revisit this overnight success story as never before on your mobile device – so you can tap into living indie history wherever you go. Alongside our collection of absorbing mobile games, this is the must-have app for Minecraft aficionados. If you like expansive game worlds that offer maximum player-to-player interaction, then you should also check out our MMO games collection. But don’t be afraid to wander from the beaten path, or you might miss another future classic. The only rule in the indie game world is – you guessed it – there are no rules!

That’s the beauty of a well-made indie game – no matter what the genre or format, its quirky charm is bound to win it a place in your gaming repertoire. Indie developers don’t face the same pressure or restrictions as the gaming giants we’re all familiar with; that means they consistently deliver inspired gaming concepts heavy on creativity and imagination. Our smorgasbord of indie games for online gamers is your gateway to new experiences. With us, you can test your puzzle skills while dodging baddies against a horror background that will have you clutching your pillow and reaching for the light switch. Or dial down the temperature and enjoy a wacky doodling game designed to keep you entertained when you’re on the move. Our top indie picks throw everything you love about gaming together in completely unexpected ways. Get ready to enjoy:

  • New characters with compelling backstories
  • Exciting scenarios you’ve never seen before
  • Imaginative graphics from the industry’s rising talents
  • Instant classics everyone will be raving about

Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Then take a gander at our assortment of fun games to get yourself warmed up for your next epic adventure. Whatever your taste or experience level, you’re bound to find a game that fits your demanding criteria at

Forget Cannes – this free indie games festival is coming to you

We continue the innovation by offering you indie games in multiple formats. Whether you’re looking for a good-old browser standby for when you’ve got time to spare, or something to keep you entertained as you’re on the move, we have the indie game for every occasion. Our mobile games work on iOS and Android; while our extensive iPad games will swipe you off your feet.

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