Virtual tracking and trapping with hunting games from

If you’re looking for the thrill of the hunt but you’re not the blood thirsty type, then why not try your hand at one of our hunting games online and test your tracking and trapping skills on our virtual prey. Stalk big game through forests, plains, jungles and tundra, as you explore unspoiled terrain rendered in stunning detail. Survive difficult conditions, tackle challenging missions and always keep sight of your target in order to triumph and bring home the bacon (or bear) with our online hunting games. Select your favorite weapons and don the camouflage gear to ensure you have the right firepower and the required stealth to get within throwing distance of your prize – just make sure you keep those sights firmly fixed, there’s nothing quite like being chased by an angry tiger whilst you’re hunting.

Other types of hunter games from</h2>

Alongside traditional hunting games, has a number of other, more exotic beasts for you to pursue. Why not navigate some Triassic terrain as you hunt the terrifying t-rex, scramble across the prehistoric plains as you stalk herds of stegosaurus or bound through Bathonian bushes on the trail of the bone-crushing brontosaurus. Alternatively, you might try your hand at something a little more mythical and search out nocturnal vampires and werewolves on your hunting expeditions. Whatever hunting game you decide upon, you can be sure that the adrenaline will be coursing through your veins as you experience the thrill of the chase.

Hunting games with a different kind of prey in our shooter category

Of course, if you feel that hunting games with animals (mythical, extinct or otherwise) is simply easy target practice, then there are other beings for you to prey upon – human beings. Here at, we offer a collection of super sharp shooting games to provide you with everything you need to track and trap the most dangerous animal in the world. The very best of online hunting games and online shooting games encompasses many elements found within our action games category. Fight historic battles, command a squadron of tanks, massacre the undead or journey deep into space to free the world from an alien regime. Whatever you decide to hunt, just remember that in this case, your prey is probably hunting you too!

Other sports games from

Alongside our free hunting games and shooting games, we also offer plenty of other sporting pursuits for you to try your hand at. With all your favorite sports games available, you can emulate your sporting heroes like never before. Including classics such as:

  • Football Games
  • Golf Games
  • Wrestling Games
  • Baseball Games
  • Tennis Games

With strategy, action and 3D versions of your favorite sports, you are sure to find the right game to satisfy your competitive streak. Play alone or with opponents around the world, as you put in the training to become a world champion in your chosen discipline.

Play hunting games online or with a download to your mobile device

Whether you are whiling away the hours at home in front of your computer or you are out and on the move, Browsergamez has plenty of hunting games online for you to enjoy. If you are connected to the Internet then you can simply enjoy our browser based games found on our website. Facebook based games are also available, allowing you to join large communities and also play with friends and family. If you want to play hunting games without an Internet connection, then also offers a selection of downloadable games that are perfect for your smartphone or tablet. Sign up today by following the Play For Free Now link from your chosen game. In no time you’ll be ready to enjoy the very best in free hunting games wherever you may be.

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