The Wondrous World of Horse Games

Every player needs their own trusty companion. In many cases, this spot is filled by either witty sidekicks, best friends or even pets. While many say that dogs are a man’s best friend, horses too can turn out to be quite valuable in a gamer’s journey through new worlds and unknown territory. There is even an entire subcategory of games dedicated to noble steeds. Yes, horse games! Here, players of all corners of the world can indulge in fun activities with a fuzzy quadruped of their choice.

Many different adventures await you in virtual horse games, ranging from competitive horseback riding to learning all there is to know about different breeds through challenging quizzes. Completing a new mission will reward you with valuable riding gear. Grab the best items available to prove to all other equestrians that you have what it takes to conquer the world of horses games.

Learning the Equestrian Ways

Taking care of horses in real life requires dedication and manual labor. Thankfully, playing horse games comes with the perk of only having to click and tap to complete tasks. The path towards becoming a professional rider is not only paved with good intentions, however. Players (this includes you!) will have to roll up their sleeves and give it their all to successfully join the inner circle of horse enthusiasts. Newbie players and those unfamiliar with the art of equestrian vaulting will be given a thorough introduction on how to properly treat a horse. Here are a few important steps:

  • Feed the horses
  • Train them well
  • Groom them thoroughly
  • Make sure they are comfortable
  • See to it that they get enough sleep

Whether it be a mare or a stallion: Every horse needs to be fed, groomed and trained well. Pro tip: This works best with a pocket full of nutritious treats. Not for you, for the horse!

In horse games, you will watch your foal grow into a beautiful steed and support it every step of the way. Logging into Howrse or Star Stable on a daily basis will not only give you the chance to check on your little ones, but also grant you valuable rewards. Get ready to breed your very own equine offspring once your prize-winning horse is fully grown. It is up to you to continue the pedigree of show-jumpers or unicorns: Yup, horses can appear in different genres ranging from competitive sports games to fantasy online worlds. These herbivorous animals even make appearances in titles you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to, say in medieval strategy games (as cavalry units) or MMORPGs (as mounts).

Online and Free-to-Play

Horse games for girls are usually free to download and play - whether it be on computers or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Players are encouraged to reach out to each other in games like My Horse or Horse World 3D and challenge their friends to tournaments. Life isn’t always about being the best, the fastest or the strongest, however. Feel free to just contact other online equestrians to talk shop about the latest riding equipment, training strategies or just about how your precious darlings are holding up. In-game chat channels and forums on horse games are also good ways to find other players to share achievements with.

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