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Take a Step Back in Time with History Games at

Have you ever wanted to click your fingers and travel to a different time and place? Time travel is something that people have dreamed of for years, but with the selection of history games here at, we are getting one step closer to experiencing the past.

Whether you want to build an empire in roman times, help settlers in ancient Egypt, or fight by the side of King Arthur himself, these history games have something for you. You can find a wide range of different iconic characters from history when browsing the selection of free online games on the website. If standing shoulder-to-shoulder with historic men and women isn’t really your thing, then you can also choose from one of the history games that drop you into a certain time and place, and let you explore the universe. Remember, you don’t always have to follow in the footsteps of other heroes, you can also carve out your very own historical story and make your mark in history.

Historical Games of All Genres

There are all kinds of genres of history games available, so there’s something for all kinds of gamers. has selected the best history games from all genres; there are building games, war games, city games, and many more all for free online.

It’s not just ancient history that you can experience; there are plenty of more modern history games available for free at You can witness the vents of World War II in our exciting tank games or naval games. There are giant war machines ready and waiting for you to jump in the driving seat and take them into battle.

Explore a World from Yesteryear

When you first download the game, or start the game in your browser, you will be surrounded by a world that you have never seen before. It’s up to you to explore your surroundings and discover the secrets hidden inside the fantasy worlds in these history games. Once you set foot inside the historical world, there are all sorts of challenges, quests, and achievements to complete. As you start out as a lowly citizen and make your way up to the leader of a giant kingdom, you can prove to other players just how powerful your kingdom can be. Once you have mastered the strategies and tactics to grow your empire, there will be no stopping you on your way to the top.

All of the history games available on can be played and downloaded for free on your PC, or even on your mobile device. This means that if you prefer to play on-the-go, you can grab your iPhone, tablet, or android phone and start your adventure in these history games for free.

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