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Not every game has to have slaughter and bloodshed in order to be fun. Many studios these days are eager to provide players of all ages with a more casual and relaxed gaming experience. One of these genres - other than Match-3 puzzles or other brain games - is called hidden object games. Here, you are tasked with finding hidden objects that are neatly tucked away and hard to spot. Look through every nook and cranny to complete the objectives in games like Mirrors of Albion or The Secret Society to advance to more difficult stages and solve mysteries that even Sherlock Holmes himself wouldn’t be able to figure out. That’s right! In most of these hidden object games, you slip into the role of a brilliant detective and shed light on cold cases. Okay, even these games are often riddled with murderous undertones, but there’s usually not much blood. Promise!

Find Items and Prevail Against Friends

Hidden object games are a favorite among many gamers these days. How come, you ask? Because they are super easy to get into, get your brain cells working and allow casual players to spend some quality gaming time without having to sink hours at a time into online games. This genre is perfect for simply playing one or two levels while on the go or before slipping under the cozy duvets of your bed. And if you do decide to play through all of the many puzzles in one sitting, then we say more power to you! We can certainly relate, as hidden object games have a tendency to suck you in and leave you wanting more and more. Compared to other brain games, seek and find games often give you all the time in the world to complete the respective objectives. That means that you don’t have to hurry through the riddles. Take a deep breath and truly focus on finding the lost artifacts.

Hidden Object Games for Mobile Devices

With the recent rise of mobile games, it is no wonder that most free hidden object games these days are available on either smartphones or tablets. These free-to-play apps give you a way to dive into a world of mystery and deceit from the comfort of your very own mobile device and thanks to the touchscreen controls, it has never been easier to select hidden items from an array of rummage. That’s the tricky thing about these find it games, you see: Each scenery is filled with different objects and items, but only the things listed are the ones you need to spot to complete the level. Fun fact: Hidden object games are a great way for non-English speakers to brush up their language skills and add new words to their vocabulary!

Hidden object games play in all different kinds of settings. A few examples:

  • 19th Century London
  • Buddhist Temples
  • Fairy Fantasy Worlds
  • Hidden Expeditions
  • Mystery Islands

You decide where you want to go! Keep in mind that a lot of these games often offer a variety of mini games in between to mix things up a little bit. Prepare to play a round of cards, engage in some Match-3 puzzles and solve tricky murder cases along the way by interrogating potential suspects. Work those brain cells of yours to bring justice to the world of hidden object games!

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