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The Grand Theft Auto franchise (commonly known as GTA) took off after its first release back in 1997. Since then, it has seen unprecedented success. This franchise has often been considered outlandish and wild, displaying scenes of criminality and violence, the likes of which had not been seen much before in the gaming industry. This, coupled with the public’s curiosity, made for an instant hit. It wasn’t until the release of Grand Theft Auto III though, that this franchise was truly put on the map. GTA III proved that the original GTA game was not just a one hit wonder. The success is not a surprise as there are many reasons to love the GTA series!

One thing that sets the GTA series apart from other gaming franchises is the way that the developers depict violence and criminality. Instead of portraying violence graphically, GTA games comically exaggerate the criminal underworld in a gritty way, giving players a taste of what it is like to be hell-bent against the “system.” The series possesses a certain style and charm when compared to similar action games, which makes them stand out of the crowd!

Avoid The Police at all Costs!

Nowadays, there is quite the plethora of GTA games. Each installment allows players to unleash their inner criminal and engage in awesome police chases with the sole aim of outrunning a growing number of dangerous cops who want nothing more than to send you to the slammer! If you commit several crimes in a short period of time, your wanted level will rise. The wanted level is always portrayed in the same way in GTA: there are up to 6 stars in the top left hand corner of the screen. You receive stars for committing crimes. The intensity of the police hunt depends on how many stars you have. If you manage to outrun the cops at a wanted level of 6 stars, you are a true GTA pro! At this stage police helicopters and even the military will be on your tail and many players don’t last more than a few seconds before they are shot down like dogs.

Common aspects of GTA

Listed below are some of the characteristics of GTA titles in terms of gameplay, missions, and what the player can do:

  • Steel cars
  • Use weapons
  • Kill pedestrians
  • Rile the police
  • Complete missions for cash
  • Work with the mafia

In GTA, you can choose to go about your everyday business exploring the large areas that the game will offer. Most of the time, players don’t have to play the missions in chronological order, but can choose which quest to play next. Some of these tasks have nothing to do with violence and crime which guarantees for a more interesting and interactive game that never gets boring!

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