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One might think that a genre called Games for Girls literally means that all titles only cater to a female audience. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however. A good majority of the games that fall under this category just deal with everyday activities that are perceived as being traditionally female. Mobile apps like Cooking Fever or Makeup Fever can certainly provide entertainment to girls and boys, women and men. Do you enjoy putting your time management skills to the test? Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a beauty expert? Then dive into a cooking game and conjure up some delicious treats or join a dress up game and let your creative juices flow in games for girls, regardless of where you fall on the gender spectrum.

Stay Connected with Facebook

One thing that all games for girls have in common is a social component. Free online games for girls usually ask you to share fabulous creations with friends or invite other players to join you on your journey - whether it is about culinary creations or domestic bliss. Both men and women are welcome to connect their Facebook account to games like Howrse or Happy Chef to keep those near and dear to them up to speed on what new achievements and milestones have been accomplished.

Casual Games for Everyone

In this day and age, only a handful of gamers truly have the time to sit down and spend hours playing one and the same game. This is understandable considering how many different universes there are to choose from on all kinds of platforms. Especially mobile downloads on smartphones and tablets have opened up a whole new side of gaming. Girls games, too, usually cater to a more casual community that allows players to log into a game, play for a little bit and log back out without having to worry about missing something super important while offline. You get to play on your terms and decide when it would be best to tackle a new level. Just don’t let the casual nature of these girl games fool you into thinking that you won’t be held responsible for neglecting adopted companions...

Sharing the Love with Little Ones

Baby games and real-life simulations are just two of the many subgenres that we here at have to offer. From fuzzy wuzzy fur babies to actual tiny human beings that require affection and constant supervision: Slip into the role of a parent and look after the newest addition to your online family! Expect these protégés in free games for girls:

  • Actual babies
  • Cats, dogs and other pets
  • Little monsters like the Om Noms
  • Noble steeds and farm animals
  • ... and many more!

You think that the distinction between "games for girls" and "regular games" perpetuates stereotypes within the community? You are not wrong. We have also had our fair share of problems with the differentiation in the past. Consider this an opportunity to forget labels, take a minute and check out the games and apps listed here to play whatever spikes your interest. Who knows? You might even discover a few new ones. Games are for everyone!

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