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Sometimes, it is quite hard to find a mobile game that piques your interest. The Google Play Store and iTunes Store are overloaded with suggestions, and while many are probably great games, you never really know whether you personally would like them or not. Sure, you could just download them and try them out, but it’s less time consuming to just find an app that you know you would like. In those cases, we here at always recommend to just stick with one studio, especially one that you are already familiar with. As it happens, we have just the right company in mind for you if you are looking for a new mobile game to try out.

Gameloft is one of the most popular video game developers and publishers in the mobile gaming world. Headquartered in Paris, France, the studio has conquered the world in the last few years. Gameloft now has subsidiaries in more than 28 countries all over the world. This is mostly due to the fact that the studio has been around since the very beginning of the mobile gaming hype. It was founded in 1999 by one of the co-founders of Ubisoft. Think about it: In 1999, most of us were still playing Snake on our Nokia phones. Particularly in recent years, Gameloft has not only been commercially successful, but also gained critical recognition for many of its mobile gaming endeavors.

We here at have a wide selection of high quality Gameloft games that will speak to anyone’s interest. We are not kidding when we say that there’s something for any player and every mood:

  • Endless runner - Spider-Man: Unlimited, Despicable Me: Minion Rush
  • Cooking games - Pastry Paradise
  • Racing games - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • Casual games - My Little Pony
  • Sports games - NFL Pro 2014

Gameloft Apps for Every Situation

No matter whether you prefer hardcore gaming or casual games, you will always get lucky with Gameloft. Many players simply download apps to casually spend their time while they are on the go. Whether they are waiting at a doctor’s office, on their way to work, or sitting on the toilet, Gameloft apps will make their time feel well-spent. Quickly try to beat your record in an endless runner or cook a few meals in a cooking game.

Since Gameloft has become such a household name in recent years, many major companies have teamed up with the studio to bring their iconic franchises to the app stores. Disney, Marvel, the NFL, and Dreamworks are only a few of the major companies that have joined forces with the French developer. This goes to show that the studio is quite well respected in the mobile gaming industry. Naturally, Gameloft also has numerous original IPs that are just waiting to be explored by you.

Either way, we here at feature an extensive selection of Gameloft’s free gaming portfolio on our website. Browse through the selection of games we have and be inspired by our recommendations for the next game that you download on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

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