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English Football dates way back to 1200s when groups of settlers used to play as part of Shrove Tuesday. The rules were later codified in the 1800s when the game grew more popular. Little did they know that this simple game would become the most popular in the history of sport, with people playing it across the globe in worldwide tournaments where teams from all over the planet train tirelessly to become the next champions to receive the World Cup.

Americans like to refer to English football as ‘soccer’ to differentiate it from their version of football. This brings us nicely on to our next point: Football games come in two forms - American Football or English Football. The two games differ quite substantially and some consider American football to be more like English rugby. While both are very popular, American football doesn’t share many similarities with English football at all, apart from the fact that they are both played on a grassy pitch with 11 players on each side, but that is where their similarities end.

American Compared to English

Like any category of game, American football games differ hugely in their gameplay. Most will allow you to formulate a strategy, otherwise known as a ‘play’, which the team must stick to in a bid to outdo their opponents. In order to come up with a play you must position your team members according to their strengths and navigate them around the pitch in a certain way. There are many different types of plays that can be used in games like these, and it is up to you, as the manager of the team, to decide which one is the most fitting for a particular scenario, against a particular team.

Many English football games will also allow you to develop a strategy, but are less ‘play’ orientated than American football games, where players will normally work to a vague game plan and use their current surroundings to decide what to do next. In light of this, English football games are usually based on a first-person perspective, where either you control one character or you control the whole team, navigating from player to player.

What Can You Find in Both

Both games often let you do the following:

  • Manage a team of players
  • Navigate the characters around the pitch
  • Level-up the players and enhance their performance on the pitch

Furthermore, both types of football game can be played online or on your mobile devices. Online football games have multiplayer elements to them which make for a more exciting match against other people who can come from anywhere in the world. Many football games online can also be played free of charge, and just because a game is free doesn’t mean it lacks in features. Free football games can have just as many features, if not (sometimes) more.

One of the best things about football games is that you usually get to see your favorite teams in action. Many games let you play as your favorite football superstars, where some might even reflect the player’s attributes, like speed and endurance, in their associated avatar. So if you have a yearning to see your favorite football players, or want to be football superstar yourself (which let’s face it, most of us do) then you have come to the right place!

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