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Take to the Skies in these Flight Simulator Games at

If you have ever wanted to soar through the air in a massive flying machine, then these flight simulator games at are just what you need. Whether you want to fly a giant Boeing 747 passenger plane, or a small Spitfire fighter, then has the best selection of free flight simulator games for you.

With these flight simulator games, you have the chance to instantly become a pilot and take aircraft out on an adventure in the skies. The selection of free-to-play flying games on allow you to choose from a range of different genres and types. Although all of them take place in aircraft, flying high over the earth, there are loads of differences between them. This means that there’s the perfect flying game for every player, regardless of their preference.

Wide Range of Flight Simulators

At first glance, the genre of flight simulator games seems quite limited, but after you take a closer look you can see that the different free flight games on offer all kinds of different gaming experiences. There are war games, passenger simulations, and also stunt flying games. Check out just a handful of the games included:

  • War Thunder: Take to the skies and defeat the enemy in this fast-paced action flying game.
  • X-Plane 10: A mobile flight simulator that lets you test your skills against other pilots.
  • Infinite Flight: An Android or iOS game with over 35 different vehicles.

On top of these different flight simulators, there are also a whole load more to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Play on Multiple Devices

As with all of the other games here at, our flight simulation games are not only free-to-play, but also available on all kinds of devices! You’ll soon be soaring through the cloud on your iPhone, or swooping low over trees while playing on your Windows PC. We have free flight simulator games available on iOS, Android, Windows and also Mac. The best part about these games is that they are completely free-to-play. Don't waste any more time reading information about flight simulator games, choose one from the list above and start your journey to become one of the best pilots online. If flight simulator games sound like your kind of thing, then have a browse through the selection of games here at

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