Reel in Big Prizes with Fishing Games

Sports games come in many shapes and forms. Some like to dabble in the arts of soccer while others prefer endless runners like Temple Run to work on their stamina. But what if you are interested in doing sports save the physical activity? Pick fishing games! Here, you get to challenge other players in massive tournaments just the same and show off your dexterity, strength and skill without having to break a sweat. Fishing can be quite relaxing in fact - especially when doing it on a remote island somewhere in the Caribbean. Purchase new equipment and choose a location to embark on an adventurous journey through the online worlds of catching fish and other sea dwellers alike.

The World is Your Oyster

From New York to Bora Bora: Dozens of unique destinations can be explored in free fishing games. Series of quests will send you to different locations within the blink of an eye. Every new shore promises a different catch of course, always depending on what the local waters have to offer professional anglers like yourself. Always remember to pack the right equipment before visiting exotic locations, however, as you never know what to expect! You could be making a legendary catch there and just how disappointing would it be if you couldn’t bring it home with you?

As a fisherman or fisherwoman, you get to decide whether you want to catch and release or add the slippery animal to your aquarium. Choosing the latter will give you a chance to care for your catch later on and show it off to friends, family and other players. Choosing the first option will give you, well... a clear conscience. You decide! Other popular targets (other than fish) include shellfish and sharks. Cast your net or fishing rod and add a live bait to get the best results in the fishing games!

From Atlantic Salmon to Zebra Lionfish

We hear some of you going “But why play a fishing game?”. See, fishing games might not offer the most action-packed or fast-paced gameplay experience the industry has to offer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery while also engaging in an activity that thousands upon thousands consider their favorite hobby. This is your chance to take a break from real life and ignore the stress that surrounds you while enjoying the perks of a calm environment and the global community behind it. Developers behind World Tour Fishing or FishAO encourage you to communicate with other players and talk to them about your collection.

Fishing games give you the chance to create a character that will represent you. Snazzy haircuts and fancy outfits are just the beginning: The more resources you gather by completing fishing quests, the more options you will gain access to to customize your avatar. Think of them as a reflection of yourself or take on an anonymous identity as long as you keep reeling in prize-winning fishes and exotic creatures that not many before have been able to catch. Fish games are unique in their own way. Find out what they have to offer here:

  • Hundreds of unique quests
  • Exotic destinations all around the globe
  • Schools of fish to discover and catch
  • Your very own aquatic collection
  • Friends lists and online tournaments
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