Put Up Your Dukes for Fighting Games

Fighting games have inspired audiences and players throughout generations. We are all familiar with the classic K.O. from the Tekken series, which spells the defeat of one of the contestants with a final blow that renders them unconscious. Moreover, fighting games are often very intense, with heart pounding PvP battles that have you on the edge of your seat as you and another player punch each other’s lights out! Children throughout the world have been mimicking these crazy ninja moves in the hopes of becoming the next Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee.

What is the allure of a fighting game?

It’s not hard to understand why this genre is so popular, what with the broad spectrum of different fighting games that are available involving many different fighting disciplines from around the world, such as Kung Fu or WWF. However, some interesting questions arise when you question the motives of the player. What motivates them to want to fight (virtual) people and quite literally kill them in increasingly violent ways? Not all fighting games warrant violence though, but rather the sport of fighting. However, most will entice the player to fight dirty and obliterate their opponents with attacks that would cause any normal human being an incredible amount of harm. So what brings these players back time and time again to engage in violent fights, sometimes to the death?

One of the allures of a brawler has got to be its ability to relieve stress. Nothing is more rewarding than taking all your anger out on another player, with the full knowledge that you aren’t actually doing them any harm other than hurting their egos should they lose. It is disconcerting to think that some players will actually be imagining that they are indeed causing the other players harm. Let’s just hope it doesn’t translate into their everyday lives!

How is Fighting Used in a Game?

Many games contain fighting. Some use it as a form of defence against an onslaught of enemies, like the classic Street Fighter console games. Others might use fighting to cause other characters harm or to reach a goal in a mission which is obstructed by a character that will need killing in order to reach the next stage. And some might simply be about the sport of fighting, even if it is a make believe discipline, like in the classic Tekken fighting games that involved supernatural moves.

Special Moves!

An integral part of fighting games is the fact that each character will have their own special attacks, normally dealing large amounts of damage in one fell swoop. Check out the list below for some examples of special attacks:

  • Baek Doo San’s ( Tekken 6) Blue Shark Claw, grabs and throws the enemy in a shark like attack
  • Fireball (Doom Warrior) deals fire damage to your opponent using a ball of fire
  • Pan Da’s (Taichi Panda) Tordado Strike, spinning attack

The player will normally have to learn a routine sequence of buttons, or keys, in order to achieve certain moves and attacks. Special moves will require a more complicated sequence of keys that the player will have to remember and complete quickly in order to unleash these lethal attacks


Most fight games will consist of matches, which in turn consist of rounds. The players will have to win a certain number of rounds to win the match, and sometimes a certain number of matches to win the game. Players are normally evenly matched with their opponents (otherwise it wouldn’t make for a very fair fight), and so it’s down to the players skills in controller their character that ultimately decides their victory.

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