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More and more restaurants are popping up these days that follow a strict farm-to-table approach and value organically grown produce. Fruits and vegetables are not the only ingredients that taste better when free of chemicals: Dairy and meats too should only be used when chefs know where their supply is coming from. Enough with antibiotics and genetic alterations! This need for fresh and healthy ingredients is also noticeable in today’s gaming industry, especially if you look at the social browser and mobile scene that harbors dozens of unique free farming games. Here, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Quite literally!

Enjoy Life on the Farm

Gamers that grew up in rural environments will know this to be true: Nothing feels quite as good as being out in the open and making use of ingredients that you have grown yourself or at least bought from a local farmer’s market. In simulation games like FarmVille 2 or Farmerama, you can either return to your roots or finally experience what living in the country truly feels like. How? By picking up a rake and working on your very own virtual online farm! Starting out in farming games is pretty newbie-friendly as tutorial quests and missions will show you all the necessary steps to becoming an agriculturalist. Look at us, using other words to say “farmer” other than, well, farmer.

Farm games here on are free to join and also free-to-play, meaning that there is nothing stopping you from just giving them a whirl. As a farmer, it is your responsibility to build a majestic homestead by constructing new buildings. This of course requires resources which you have to either purchase off of other players or make yourself. Precious farm animals such as pigs, horses and cows need barns to sleep in and acres and acres of land to truly feel at home. Taking care of furry or feathered companions will only take few clicks or taps on the touchscreen of your mobile device. Well-fed and happy animals are worth much more, so an investment will surely be worth it.

Farm Games on the Rise

A farm game can typically be played at home, at work or even at school. The casual nature of this genre allows players to log in for short bursts just to check if everything is going according to plan. There’s no need to invest hours of your free time into one sitting. Don’t expect a humdrum gaming experience with farm games however, as your hands will be full at any given time.

From daily missions that task you to gather resources to series of quests in which you have to grow certain products and turn them into delicious foods: Farm games are brimming with life. This is due in no small part to the social aspect of the genre. Stay in touch with other players and help each other out in times of trouble! You will notice a sense of community when immersed in free farm games, whether you are playing in the browser of your choice, on Facebook or on a mobile device.

Here’s a selection of farm games for you to choose from:

  • Hay Day
  • Klondike
  • My Free Farm
  • Family Farm Seaside
  • Goodgame Big Farm
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