Enter a world of wizards and warlocks in these thrilling fantasy games from Browsergamez

If you’ve always fantasized about magical worlds ruled by wizards and warlocks then you’re in for a treat with’s collection of free fantasy games. Build your own fantastical kingdoms and train your otherworldly armies as you defend against the terrifying might of the abominable forces of evil to fulfil your fantasy online. Alternatively, if you are more of a high flying, peace loving hippogriff, then you can explore the magical realm as you complete quests and puzzles to rid yourself of any evil curses you may have picked up along the way.

Whatever your favorite role within a fantasy game, Browsergamez has a wide variety from which to choose. Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll want to play as the kindly wizard fighting for the good, and the next you’ll take the place of an evil warlock out for elfin blood – whatever your motivation, this fantasy game collection is sure to transport you to wild and exciting worlds never before seen or experienced.

Don’t fear the fire breathing dragons in our online fantasy games

They might look like scary slabs of lizard flesh that could burn you to a cinder in a matter of seconds, but not all dragons are alike – and you should never judge a dragon by his scaly cover. Here at Browsergamez we have plenty of cuddly and cute dragons for you to kindle a friendship with. Nurture your dragon friends and make sure they get everything they need in our collection of fantasy online games for younger children. What’s more, each game even comes with its own age guidance rating to ensure that the content is appropriate for whoever is playing.

However, if all that sounds just a little too twee, then why not enter a world where dragons rule the skies and burn down entire civilizations on a whim. Battle your long-tailed foes but make sure you are wearing your fire proof armor or you’ll be just another useless piece of charcoal. Sign up for one of our fantasy games online and drown yourself in dragons of every kind.

Online fantasy games in every category from

Here at Browsergamez we have a comprehensive collection of fantasy games in every genre – perfect for every kind of player. Whether you prefer fantasy RPG games or fantasy shooting games, Browsergamez has the very best titles to ensure you get your fantasy fix. Take a look at our other fun-filled fantasy games in these thrilling categories:

Play fantasy games online or from you mobile device with

Whether you prefer to play fantasy games online from the comfort of your own home, or you are looking to immerse yourself in a fantasy world whilst on the move, Browsergamez has something for you. Playing your favorite fantasy games from your preferred browser will give you full screen action and the very best graphics available. However, if you want to keep playing whilst on the train or stuck in the car, why not download one of our free fantasy games to your smartphone or tablet PC. However you decide to play, you can be sure that Browsergamez has the very best selection of fantasy games anywhere on the web – sign up today and join the adventure.

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