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If you have a profile on Facebook, it is pretty much impossible to not have noticed that the number one social networking platform also features games. You probably were already familiar with this well-known fact considering that you must have also gotten numerous requests to c heck out a new game. Facebook games are currently among the most popular games in the world. Up to tens of millions of players simultaneously enjoy their favorite titles on the social network and there seems to be no end to the hype.

Social Aspects

A gaming developer would be a little silly if they were to create a Facebook game and not utilize the social benefits that the social network creates. Therefore, many Facebook games involve some form of social chat feature (like in Farmville) for example. Another trend is to have the community advertise the games. Players can earn more lives or in-game currency by inviting their friends to join the game. Even though this persistent form of Facebook marketing can sometimes be viewed as annoying, it is an easy way for players to earn valuable items, especially if they have lots of friends!

Characteristics of a Facebook Game

Facebook games certainly share some similarities, namely their simplicity and ease of use, but there are also some other distinct features that appear time and time again:

  • Asynchronous gameplay - connecting multiple players but not at the same time
  • Community - using a player’s social networking community to market the game
  • No victory conditions - the game never ends and no one is ever a winner
  • Virtual Currency - used for purchases like items, levels, and lives

It appears that most social networking games focus their gameplay on something that is essentially quite simple, easy to learn, but hard to master. Furthermore, most developers’ aim is to create an addictive game that will entice players to spread the word to all their friends on the social networking site. It is for this reason that developers focus on making Facebook games appeal to a large audience, both male and female of any age. What’s more, the majority of Facebook games can be played on-the-go and for short periods of time. Each level tends to only last a few minutes, after which the player can stop, sign out, and continue at a later date. This makes Facebook games easily adaptable for mobiles, which is why many of the games are cross platform.

Facebook Games Are Free

Facebook games are free meaning that you can play them through to the end without spending any of your hard earned cash. That being said, most free Facebook games offer some in-game purchases that do require real money. These are aimed at true fans of games who want to further customize them and make them truly their own! It is never essential to buy these items. Purchasing items is never required to progress to the end of the game and gain unfair advantages.

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