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Worth the Wait: Free Download Games

Long gone are the days when people only needed a flat surface, a few dice and their imagination to play a game. Thankfully, technology has advanced to incredible heights and continues to do so allowing us to dive into virtual realities and play online. Both browser games and mobile apps offer us a casual gaming experience based on short sessions that just need a few clicks or taps to get through. Shout out a command and queue up some super important tasks and you are good to go! Not with download games, however. A free game download is quite common these days, especially with the free-to-play business model on the rise. The only disadvantage to playing these kinds of titles is that it will usually take a while for you to get started. There is a huge payoff, though! Usually, download games offer much better graphics, much more content and in-depth storytelling than their browser-based or mobile counterparts due to their sheer size.

Being a PC or console gamer isn’t easy these days, seeing as how casual gaming seems to be taking over the industry with games like Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans. Stay strong, download game brethren! We are here to support you and keep you informed on what there is to know about the wonderful world of download games. (don’t be fooled by the name!) covers everything from:

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Want to taste the forbidden fruit of a free games download? Then make sure to set up a stable internet connection. Download games, as the name implies, require players to download a sizable amount of files before playing and this is made possible through unlimited access to the World Wide Web. In the good old days, players like us would simply go out and purchase a physical copy of a game, return home and use the discs to install EverQuest or Call of Duty. Now, with the increase of popularity of game platforms like Steam or Raptr, most new games are bought digitally and online.

Play Together Online

Whoever enjoys download games is usually considered as part of the hardcore elite gamer group. Why? Because it takes some serious dedication to sit down in front of your monitor or television set and play for hours on end. Download games have the power of magically engrossing you into fantasy storylines or action-packed gameplay thanks to their massive scale. They usually also offer multiplayer content, meaning that you get to join forces with friends, family members or strangers from all around the globe to take on even the toughest of challenges.

These multiplayer matches take place on online servers or through local co-op gameplay. Either way, the important thing here is to always stick together and communicate well to come up with a sensible plan. Especially in player-versus-player games that will have you fighting for survival. Want examples? Nosgoth, F.E.A.R. Online or popular MOBAs such as League of Legends, Smite or Dota 2.

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