Daybreak Game Company

New Frontiers with Daybreak Game Company

Imagine this: You’re at the helm of a popular game studio that has put out solid content for the past decade or so, maybe even longer. Then, one day, you decide to throw away the name and start anew by putting your company through a thorough rebranding. This is what happened with John Smedley and Sony Online Entertainment in 2015, marking the beginning of Daybreak Game Company. While the main focus of the studio (AAA MMO gaming with the tendency to follow a free-to-play business model) remained the same, a new name was in order. What once ran under the acronym of SOE is now Daybreak. Their portfolio includes the following games:

  • H1Z1
  • PlanetSide 2
  • EverQuest Next
  • Dragon’s Prophet
  • DC Universe Online
  • and more to come!

The Studio Formerly Known as SOE

Sony Online Entertainment’s, excuse us, Daybreak Game Company’s legacy goes all the way back to 1998. Back then, the studio was hell-bent on creating a universe that would allow thousands, if not millions of fantasy fans to gather and group up hoping to slay the most threatening of boss monsters. The result? EverQuest was launched. The game that originally required monthly subscription fees soon turned into a cult classic, drawing in a massive audience and turning the world of Norrath into one of the very first MMORPGs that featured 3D graphics. The online game grew and grew over the years, eventually spawning multiple installments that would catapult the franchise into new popularity. EverQuest 2, EverQuest Next, Landmark: All these free-to-play games brought to you by Daybreak Game Company can be found here on

Something for Every Taste

While high-fantasy roleplaying games are what made this studio famous in the first place, that’s not the only genre Daybreak Game Company has dipped into since its foundation back in the 1990s. Players looking for more action-packed challenges can certainly get their money’s worth with games like PlanetSide 2 or H1Z1, especially considering they are both free-to-play titles! While the former of the two SOE games is set on a fictional sci-fi planet named Auraxis and pits players against each other in territorial battles, the latter invites gamers to conquer a post-apocalyptic zombie world and protect their goods from both the walking dead and fellow survivors.

With the change to Daybreak Game Company, the studio was acquired by Columbus Nova. This seemed like a strange move to fans and industry experts at the time, but ultimately made sense. Why? John Smedley and his team were able to branch out to new platforms that weren’t the computer or PlayStation and eventually go mobile for future projects. One thing has always been true for the company which has changed video game history forevermore is that they strive to put out high-quality content all while listening to what the community has to say about the gameplay. Don’t believe us? Then swing by their very own convention one day and make your voice be heard!

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