Cooking Games - Is There an App for That?

The smell of fresh buns in the morning, a pot of coffee brewing, and eggs and bacon - or a side of veggies - sizzling in the pan: Nothing gets our salivary glands quite going like the thought of tasty food. This also holds true for free cooking games that allow players to fulfill their dream of becoming a restaurateur and running their very own kitchen. With apps like Cooking Master or Happy Chef, no culinary adventure will be left unexplored, no dish will be thrown away, and no customer will ever have to go home hungry again. Well, some might, but only if your fingertips are not quick enough to serve all diners in the given amount of time. It won’t take long for a customer’s patience to wear thin in cooking games, so make sure to tippity-tap the touchscreen of your mobile device to prepare everything in time. Whether it is a hot beverage, the main course or a sweet dessert! Cooking games for girls and boys are usually available for iOS, Android, Windows and sometimes even Facebook.

The Way to a Mobile Player’s Heart

Two different kinds of food games exist: One where you are in charge of the front of the kitchen and in charge of seating all customers that stroll into your diner or one where you actually have to prepare all dishes yourself. Both food games are challenging in their own way and require excellent time management skills, especially during later levels. Most cooking games online, however, will not just throw you in at the deep end without explaining a few of the basics first. From putting beef patties on the grill to whisking up the right ingredients to whip up a beautiful batch of cupcakes: Every step of the way will be shown to you in tutorial missions.

You are responsible for keeping all customers satisfied by serving them as quickly as possible - no matter how crazy their wishes may be. Much like in real life, preparing a feast in record time will result in hefty tips and earn you appreciative nods from others. Speaking of other chefs, games like Cooking Fever or Diner Dash will prompt you to connect with culinary players through Facebook. This gives you the opportunity to do the following in cooking games:

  • Share achievements online
  • See what friends and family are up to
  • Send premium gifts to celebrate
  • Compare highscores with players

Preparing Food for Free

The key ingredient to becoming a master chef is to keep your cool even during the stickiest of situations. Nimble fingers and quick reflexes go a long way when working as a line cook in this kind of browser, download or mobile games. The further you advance, the faster you will need to tap single components and fire up kitchen appliances to flawlessly prepare all dishes. There’s a lot of money in it for you if you do the job right, giving you enough cash to purchase upgrades and add new meals to the menu. While there is no way to truly anticipate a customer’s order, we recommend preparing as much condiment as possible before the masses rush in. This doesn’t include meat or fish naturally, as these count as very delicate ingredients that will have to be cooked on the fly. Decorations also play a huge part in how comfortable your diners feel in cooking games.

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