Use Your Brain in Casual Games

We here at love all kinds of genres. If a game is fun and well-made, we will enjoy it. Focusing on only one genre of gaming will very often prevent you from enjoying video game gems out there, which is why we don’t only play shooters, action games, or RPGs. There are just specific moments where delving into the multilayered world of a fantastical roleplaying game doesn’t make sense. You can’t go on an epic raid on your way to work or right before you want to go to bed. It can take hours to finally beat the dungeon and collect your loot. However, it would also suck to not be able to play a game at all in those moments. These are the times when any kind of player enjoys delving into casual games! Look at the following list to see what things you can do in casual games that you might not be able to do in the same way in hardcore games.

  • Quickly jump into the game for a short gaming session
  • Focus on the gameplay without an intricate plot
  • Simple gameplay that takes only seconds to learn
  • Fun and uplifting presentation
  • Gradually more challenging levels that can be quite hard to beat
  • Various kinds of genres involving tactical thinking and solving puzzles

While casual games are often less action-packed than hardcore games, they instead require strategic thinking. Don’t underestimate these games only because they look cute and colorful! Casual games often rival the difficulty of hardcore games. Slowly but surely these titles will get very challenging.

Relax while Gaming

One common denominator in casual games is their focus on thinking and problem solving. There isn’t just one genre to define these types of games, but a multitude of genres that can be considered casual! Technically, all games that can be played for very short gaming sessions can be considered casual games. Most often, you will find puzzle games including match-3 apps in this gaming category. Titles such as Candy Crush Saga, Frozen Free Fall, and Bubble Witch Saga 2 have taken casual games to an entirely different level. Nowadays, each major franchise is only complete with an accompanying match-3 game. It would be unwise to limit this category to puzzle games however, as you would neglect a big number of casual games. Angry Birds or Cut the Rope are two very unique titles that have not only swept across the mobile gaming industry, but also introduced innovative concepts of gameplay to players worldwide. Here, you also get to play through a number of levels and constantly beat your friends’ high scores.

Mobile Games and Social Games

If there is one gaming category that is a symbol for mobile games and social games, it has to be casual games. If you want to play free casual games, you have to be willing to download them on your smartphone or tablet, or play them on Facebook. This is where you will find the wide selection of casual games available. Take a closer peak at them here on and delve into the challenging world of brain games, puzzle games, and fun games!

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