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Cartoons have been around for centuries allowing humans to depict their world in an exaggerated manner and thereby pointing to some of its flaws and issues in a humoristic way. Over the years, the field constantly expanded venturing into new art directions and redefining the craft! In the 1920s and even more so in the 1930s and 1940s, Walt Disney played a major role in bringing cartoons to the silver screen. Animated movies allowed drawings to come to life and move fluidly across the screen. Over the decades that followed, animation ventured into every imaginable stylistic direction proving that this craft is diverse and innovative. This must have been the precursor for cartoon games! Developers who want to let their protagonists roam through a stylized world instead of a realistic one have sure been influenced by the past achievements of Walt Disney and others! If you are looking to delve into a stylized world whose artistic direction could either evoke sarcasm, irony, or a poetic interpretation of our world, you will definitely be lucky in our selection of cartoon games here at

Caricaturing Our World

One thing you will quickly learn when you browse through our selection of cartoon games is that this category of video games certainly covers an eclectic assortment of genres. Cartoon games don’t necessarily refer to children’s games, although there happen to be many overlaps. Many stylized games have dealt with very mature content in the past. Take a game such as Borderlands for example. This first-person shooter features mature humor and very explicit violence - definitely not a game for kids. If you are looking for a similar game that is free-to-play, you will be happy with a title such as Team Fortress 2. Browsing through our selection, you will be happy to find that there are various alternatives to a game like Borderlands. Adult cartoon games are not all about hardcore action however. Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones focus on mature and multilayered storytelling which is far too advanced for adolescents.

Comic Games for Players of All Ages

Then, there is another subcategory of cartoon games. Comic games speak to a diverse audience of players. Their themes are timeless and allow people of all ages to relate. Marvel and DC Universe comics often look more mature than their cartoon counterparts, but their content isn’t only aimed at adults in contrast to the cartoon games mentioned above. While comic games don’t always look as stylized as cartoon games, they are certainly not realistic either. These titles are based on franchises that have already proven their success in the world of comics, graphics novels, television shows, and Hollywood movies. Spider-Man, Batman, and the X-Men can all be found here on The best part about these games is that they are available completely for free! Want to learn how you can play your favorite cartoon games? Find out in the list below:

  • On your PC by downloading a client
  • In the browser of your choice
  • On your iPhone and iPad
  • On your Android smartphone and tablet
  • On your Windows phone or tablet
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