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Did you know that the first modern car was already produced in 1886? Granted, these first automobiles looked nothing like our modern-day vehicles and they didn’t become widely available until the early 20th century, but still, they were essential for humanity’s advance into capitalism and globalism. More than just being a basic commodity, people have become incredibly fascinated with automobiles in the more than 100 years that they have been available. People don’t just view them as a means to travel from point A to point B, but they feel passionate and excited about them. Cars have become a designer’s dream, a scientist’s vision, and a hobby driver’s adrenaline rush!

Drive Fast in Car Games

Automobiles have become a reflection of entire societies and of eras! Think of Route 66, Miami’s South Beach, and more. Seeing a car will immediately tell you a little something about a setting! In motion pictures, they are used to convey a mood and establish an era. What would Grease be without its automobiles? In car games, players get to enjoy the rush of the adrenaline without having to actually hop in a car. After all, despite being super popular and iconic, cars are also quite pricey. They are usually not in everyone’s budget.

Now guess what is in everyone’s budget!? Free car games! There are endless games out there, be it browser, download, or mobile games, which a focus on automobiles. Here, anyone can sit on the driver’s seat and speed along the streets. You don’t have a driver’s license, but have always wanted to test your skills on the tarmac? Simply check out the car driving games in our database, here at

Car Racing Games

Well, one could say that all racing games are car games, but that wouldn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Of course there are some overlaps, but view car games as a very distinct part of racing games. You might want to consider them race car games. They’re rather a sub-category with very distinct gameplay mechanics. You wouldn’t consider Sonic Dash a car game, now would you? What do the following cars games have in common though?

  • Grand Prix Racing Online
  • Fast and Furious
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Auto Club Revolution

First of all, they all feature cars (duh!). Some of the titles will feature a more realistic approach; others will be more futuristic or cartoony. That refers not only to the graphics, but also to the gameplay. A realistic title such as Auto Club Revolution will have realistic controls and mechanics that will feel very similar to a real car. Arcade games like Need for Speed World are almost like a realistic looking caricature of real automobiles. These cars shoot around the corners, accelerate in no time, and won’t take damage as quickly as a real car would. Both types of car games offer something for everyone. The first lets you actually show off your understanding of real life automobiles. The latter lets you prove to your friends that you can digitally drive a car like no other, despite maybe never having sat behind the steering wheel yourself.

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