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Browser Based Games as Diverse as Can Be

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why our website is called Our website was founded when browser based games were just on the rise! These video games were innovative in the way that they allowed truly anyone to delve into them. Even more so, they were free-to-play, which was the main incentive for adding new titles to our database. Naturally, times have changed, and browser based games, while still popular, have been joined by downloadable free-to-play games and even more so mobile games on our website. Since our main goal here on has always been to add fun, free-to-play titles, we couldn’t help but also add other platforms to our website. Despite the rise of mobile games and the advance of client games, browser based games still stand out in their own right! Let us show you how diverse, fun, and eclectic this video gaming category can be.

It is safe to assume that pretty much every household in the western world has a working computer at home. It is similarly safe to assume that most if not all of these computers are connected to the internet. This means that browser based games have the potential of reaching more players than any other type of games. No download is necessary; no modern mobile device needed. All you need is your PC, Mac, a browser of your choice (we are talking about Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and others), and a working internet connection. Thanks to modern technology this allows studios to bring profound gaming experiences to you. All you need to do is register an account. Starting to play browser based games does not require any waiting time whatsoever.

All You Need Is a Working Internet Connection

You think that browser based games must be old-fashioned? Or that they are certainly simple and not very multilayered? Well, think again since it is quite amazing to see how far browser based games have come. In the last few years, browsergames have gone from simple casual games to highly advanced and profound hardcore games. You don’t believe us when we say that the titles available for free in the browser of your choice are eclectic and challenging? Let us prove you wrong:

  • RPG – Wartune, Knight’s Fable, Rise of Mythos
  • Real time strategy – Tribal Wars, Total Domination
  • Fishing games – Let’s Fish
  • Strategic sports games – goalunited
  • Farm games – Goodgame Big Farm
  • Casual games – Zynga Poker

These genres are certainly the most popular for browser based games. You wouldn’t say that they are all alike, would you? One popular type of video games within browser based games is Facebook games that became particularly popular with the rise of Candy Crush Saga and Farmerama. Here, you will play the browsergames on Facebook signed in with your social media account. This will allow you to easily share your game progress with your friends.

If you don’t happen to have a gaming PC or smartphone, browser based games are just the right solution when you want to delve into a free online game!

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