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Brain Games to Increase Intelligence

Brains: All of us have one. Some of us use it more, others less. Only recently, studies have revealed that video games have an incredible impact on our brain. Of course most of us hardcore gamers knew this already. However, it was particularly positive news to the general public, since there is still a certain stigma when it comes to the effect of video games on teenagers and children. In reality, quite the opposite seems to be the case! Some games seem to have the ability to increase brain function and create more connections between brain cells. Well, if that’s nothing to brag about as a gamer, then what is? “Mom, I have to play video games; it increases the connections between my brain cells!”

Brain Games to Train Your Mind

Naturally, not all kinds of video games will have the same effect. We can probably think of a number of titles that wouldn’t be considered a kind of brain training. What makes a mind game and what doesn’t? What it boils down to is a mix between the coordination of your fingers and your eyes and memorizing content. Of course, there is a specific type of games that focuses mostly on that! There are numerous brain games on the market that will have you learn, memorize, and work your brain cells. Brain games often focus on very specific learning processes of your mind, such as memorizing or logical thinking. Before you make a rash judgment, let us also reassure you that these kinds of video games are also fun!

Memory, Logic, and More

What are some of the more typical things you can do in brain games? Think of an IQ test and you have all the different aspects that you are likely to find in mind games. Logical thinking? You’ve got it. Many titles focus on connecting various random seeming facts. Creating logical bonds is one of the core aspects of apps and online games that force you to use your head. What does a certain row of numbers have in common? How do you fill a gap in a stream of information? How can you solve a certain riddle? All of these are very essential questions to solve if you want to make progress in logic games.

Other titles will focus on your ability to memorize things. Be it sequences, colors, shapes, numbers – you name it! If you want to keep your mind young and fresh, you might want to choose free brain games.

Social and Free

Now that you are impatient to try out an app, browser, or download game that features one of the aspects mentioned above, you might ask yourself: Are brain games free? And our simple answer will be: Yes, they certainly are if you know where to look. Browse through our selection here on and find many different brain games that will tickle your fancy – entirely for free!

Even better, many of these titles include social media features that allow you to:

  • Play against friends and family
  • Compare scores
  • Share achievements
  • Invite new players

Join us online and prove that you are the brainiest of all gamers by rising to the top of the leaderboard!

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