Row, Row, Row the Boat Games

Battleship is a game that can be played anywhere in the world - as long as you have a piece of paper and a pen. The rules are easy: Both you and your opponent have several ships that you can place anywhere on the map without knowing where your opponent’s ships are. Then, you send out rockets to certain locations in hopes of hitting an enemy target. See? Easy as pie! Now think a little bit bigger and voilà, there you have battleship games otherwise known as boat games. This video game category is often confused with shooters as both of them feature action-packed battles, require a steady aim and often end in huge explosions. If you enjoy blowing other players into a million little smithereens in vast online universes - preferably while sailing the Seven Seas - boat games might just be the thing for you.

All Aboard the Boat Games!

A ship game has much more to offer than you would imagine: Knowing how to steer a massive battleship across the ocean is a good start, but even that takes effort. Becoming a great captain in the world of boat games requires dedication and patience, especially when it comes to learning new controls. You will be navigating huge combat vessels most of the time, so you will have to turn ahead of time in order to avoid crashing into islands or other players. High-speed ships are often also available - but in times of war, motorboats often lack the armor and firepower to survive long periods of time. Some game modes, say in World of Warships or World Warships Combat, will ask you to protect cargo ships at all costs. In missions like these, having heavy torpedoes ready for blast-off can be a true godsend. Hooyah, as the Navy tends to say!

From Battleships to Cruisers

Everyone eager to try out boat games can do so by taking a look at one of the many games that we here at have to offer. They’re all different! World of Warships, for instance, offers these three types of boats:

  • Destroyers
  • Battleships
  • Cruisers

Each has their very own strengths and weaknesses to bring to the high seas, and as a respectable captain, it’s up to you to bring the best out of your fleet. You will come across other players when joining a battleship game and usually, they will be hostile towards you. Make sure you have the right strategy ready - whether it is offensive or defensive or a mix of both - and be ready to counteract whatever it is the opposition decides to throw at you. Dodging enemy attacks will be quite the challenge in ship games, but with the right amount of practice, no quest will be too difficult to play through.

As you may know from playing other online games, multiplayer battles are often won when all members of the same team work together. Communication is the key in boat games, as is supporting other ships during battle. Individual attacks may seem effective at first, but wait until you witness the explosive potential of synergies! Smoke screens, incendiary ammunition, and repair airplanes are what turns a boat game into a true strategy game and separates the wheat from the chaff, so to say.

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