Bigpoint Teaming Up with Big Franchises

Are you looking for a high quality and fun, free-to-play game? The selection of free games is huge which can make it quite hard to find the right title for you. It makes it even harder when you can’t tell whether the respective game is of good quality or not. Sure, you can try out as many as you want, considering that they’re free, but sometimes you just don’t feel like going through a long search process. We here at believe that it makes the most sense in these instances to just browse through a free-to-play publisher’s portfolio. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend just any studio, as this can also lead to disappointment. However, there are a few developers out there whose entire portfolio is chock-full of high quality games that are all worth playing. Bigpoint is one of these companies. Their online, browser, and mobile games are not just fun, well made, and free-to-play, but they are also eclectic, diverse, and appeal to any kind of player! You don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself what kinds of genres Bigpoint has covered in the past:

  • Action - DarkOrbit, Battlestar Galactica Online
  • Casual - Farmerama, Skyrama
  • RPG - Drakensang Online
  • Strategy - Rising Cities

Hopefully, this list has been able to convince you that Bipoint has a lot to offer. After all, you wouldn’t compare a game such as Farmerama with a game like Battlestar Galactica Online, would you? Let us take another moment to look even more closely at the diversity of Bigpoint.

Any Scenario You Can Imagine

Sure, it sounds and looks impressive when a company can say that they develop and publish both action and casual games. It is even more impressive when the various games also have entirely different settings. After all, an action game set in space and a strategy game set in space are both still space games in the end. Bigpoint however shows how varied a studio’s portfolio can be.

Rising Cities is a strategy game set in modern times. The city building simulation is available in the browser of your choice and allows you to build and manage your very own metropolis. This game stands in contrast to Stronghold Kingdoms, a strategy game set in the Middle Ages. This RTS is a client game and has to be downloaded before playing it. Both Bigpoint games are of the same genre, but both are as diverse as it gets. Even more different is a game such as DarkOrbit, a browser game set in outer space featuring action-packed battles. Pretty different from building a modern metropolis, right?

Big Games to the Point

It seems like the sky is the limit for Bigpoint! Their portfolio is even more exciting than depicted through their varied genres and settings. Bigpoint has also become a trusted studio to develop free-to-play games based on major franchises. In the past, Battlestar Galactica Online has been one of the most renowned brands in the company’s portfolio, but other franchises such as Game of Thrones have followed!

Naturally, there are always fluctuations in the gaming industry, and some of the games mentioned above might not be available anymore. Don’t fret though, as Bigpoint always makes sure to substitute games that have gone offline with brand-new titles!

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