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Gotham City is in trouble and only one person can help: Batman. From mobile to tablet or browser, you can play a host of enthralling Batman games on Utilizing the Dark Knight’s unrivalled combat and stealth, you can punch, kick and brawl your way through your enemies in a classic beat-em-up Batman game. Featuring weapons and gadgets familiar with Batman fans, fight your way to epic boss battles whilst unlocking different abilities and Batsuits in our free Batman games.

A broad range of Batman video game genres are available on From shooting games, to fighting games, and even MMORPG games, take charge of Batman – or even one of his lethal enemies, and choose whether you’re on the side of good or evil. Want to be the hero? Then Batman games are the place to be strong and brave.</p>

Batman Games Online Are Your Key to Entering Gotham City contains titles related to the popular Batman video game on next-gen consoles, where you’re taken back to Batman’s early days as a crime-fighting vigilante. Controls are easy and intuitive on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, as simple swipes on your screen are turned into vicious kicks and brutal punches by The Dark Knight. Watch out for a showdown with the giant and unstoppable Bane, likely to cause Batman a lot of trouble!

Other Batman games will see the Caped Crusader himself team up with fellow DC Comics superheroes in RPG adventures, which feature exclusive writing and visuals from DC team members. Keep an eye out for Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman and even Batman’s worst enemy: The Joker. In our vast range of Batman games online, the decision whether to be a criminal or vigilante, hero or villain is entirely up to you. Dozens of gadgets, weaponry and skillsets, not to mention unlockable achievements, will keep you coming back for more on the streets of Gotham City!

Cool Tips and Latest News Surrounding Your Batman Game

Once you’re done defeating thugs and foes in our Batman online games, don’t think that the fun and excitement stops there. Other than free Batman games, offers a huge variety of other game tips and gives you the opportunity to become more familiar and knowledgeable regarding your favorite titles. At our homepage, click and learn with the following categories:

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Each game comes with a detailed description and screen shots, as well as an age rating and a guide to which device and operating systems the game can be played on. Similar to our free online Batman games, we have hugely popular titles that everyone knows and loves. Why not take the time to delve into new, recommended and upcoming online games? Online games adapted from console titles, popular movies and TV shows are ready for you to start playing right away.

Batman Games on-the-move or on Your Home Computer

For gamers who like to play as they travel, our free Batman games can be played on your mobile or tablet and are available through Google Play or the iOS App Store. Simply check which games have the option for the smaller screen, and begin enjoying the titles simply with your log in details.

Batman games are online right now to be played with other gamers across the world; or can even be downloaded and played offline. Signing up is quick, easy and simply requires a username and password. To start playing our free online Batman games, simply log in and start the adventure. Installation on your computer isn’t necessary, just pick your favorite game and sign up, it’s that easy!

Don’t forget that you can play Batman Games with your friends and people across the world, as many of our titles allow users to team up or battle it out in various ways. Browse through our lists categorized by genre and check to see if it’s available on your desired device, hit the Play For Free Now, put in your username and password, then let the adventure begin!

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