Baby Games

Baby Games to Practice for the Real Deal

The traditional (may we say heteronormative) way of going through life is the following: You meet your significant other in a fun and flirty way - think of a Julia Roberts movie. You fall in love, there might be some ups and downs in your relationship but that doesn’t matter, since a little drama never hurt anybody, right? One day, your significant other pops the question whether you want to get married. Cue butterflies, hearts, and doves. After a year of having been engaged and telling everybody that your former boyfriend/girlfriend is now your fiancé, you finally get married. Then, not because society pressures you, but because you really, really want to want it for yourself, you and your partner have a baby. It’s pretty straight forward, right? And it doesn’t really involve a lot of thinking but rather a straightforward checklist to live life this way. Well, whether you plan to live your life like that or not, there is a digital alternative in case you want to have a baby without actually having a baby. The solution is called baby games!

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to live your life as explained above or not, toddler games are for anyone who has an interest in babies. They could appeal to boys and girls who are far too young to even think about having little kids themselves. Baby games could also appeal to young women and men who are having first thoughts about having kids. Try it out and see whether you actually want to have the real responsibility or not. A toddler game might also simply interest a casual gamer who wants to try a Tamagotchi-type game that features a real human baby (well, as real as a digital avatar could be).

Almost Like Having the Real Thing

If you’re a parent who wants to prove to their teenage kid that having a child is a big responsibility, you might be surprised at how realistic a baby game can be. Your daily routine in this type of app or browser game looks something like the following: your baby will need to feel good and it will quickly tell you when it’s feeling anything but good. You wouldn’t want to be a bad parent, right? It only takes a few hours until the diapers are full and start to smell. You wouldn’t want to sit in that either, so it’s no wonder that your little one starts to cry. Changing diapers is certainly one of the more stinky tasks in baby games. Don’t worry though, since there are many rewarding tasks as well. Entertain your little boy or girl and make them giggle and laugh. But don’t forget to feed them – a little entertainment can be quite exhausting for a new-born child.

Changing Diapers in a Smell-Free Environment

While we mention smelly diapers, one of the benefits of playing baby games as compared to having a real baby is that cleaning your baby’s butt and dealing with their diapers is completely smell-free! Not to mention that you can’t (and shouldn’t try to) turn a real human baby off. A phone can be muted however if you happen to be busy. We don’t recommend leaving your child to themselves though, as that can end in a tragedy. Baby games tend to be quite realistic after all! Rather try to pause your game when your little one is tired and wants to take a nap anyway. Gently rock it back and forth until its little eyes close. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your phone though! You wouldn’t want your rugrat to go hungry!

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