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Taking us back to the 1980s, arcade games epitomise all that is retro, conjuring images of a time gone by when dudes would wear their baseball caps backwards, and ride up and down on a penny skateboard. Back when the arcades were full of kids looking over each other’s shoulders, hoping to outdo each other and beat the high scores in the popular electronic games. Each arcade unit would stand before the player and shadow them. Players would become so transfixed on smashing the buttons and thrashing the joysticks that they would forget that each turn would cost 20 cents. Often our pockets went from heavy and full to light and empty in mere minutes.

A Free Arcade

Luckily, times have changed! Nowadays, most of these games have been adapted so that they can be played on our mobile devices in the comfort of our homes. Unfortunately, it is only an adaptation of the actual arcade games. The old-school feeling of hearing the pinball machine’s ting ting ting or the iconic beeping of PAC-MAN as he made his way around the electric blue maze are only hard to replicate in the same way. That being said, there is the added benefit that most arcade games today are free as a result of being available for our mobiles. Free arcade games can be found throughout the internet, and we here at have a selection of great titles that will surely give you a taste of what it was like back in the day. Most of the arcade games online will be accurate representations or even replicas of the original but have been adapted to make them playable on a PC or mobile.

For an arcade game to be playable on a mobile or a PC, the controls must be changed in order to make them playable using the touchscreen of a mobile or the keyboard and mouse of a PC. Therefore, you are never truly playing an arcade game with buttons and a joystick, but will get a good feel for the original gameplay by using the touchscreen.

Full of History

Don’t be put off at the quality of the graphics. You must remember that these games date back to the 80s and 90s and are rich in history. If it weren’t for these games, you wouldn’t have the popular titles that we know and love today. Arcade games laid the foundations for all modern games that all gamers play today. They might seem simple in comparison, but similar to how we become immersed into a fantasy world through the high-fidelity 3D graphics of modern games, we once got equally immersed through the pixilated screens of a beeping arcade game.

Types of Games in Arcades

There are many different types of games that you might find in an arcade, thousands in fact, so take your pick because there is something for everybody. The most popular arcade games are part of the following genres:

The rise in the popularity of arcade games has lasted to this very day. Especially PAC MAN is still a household name! In what is a testament to this yellow ball gobbler’s longevity, the popular game can still be found throughout the world today, with newer, more modern versions being continually released, like PAC MAN Friends.

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