Anime games featuring wizards and samurai? Only at!

Tired of flipping through your dog-eared mangas? Think your cosplay outfits are looking threadbare? Then come get your anime injection with us at Browsergamez. You can step into all the fantastical worlds you love and live the adventures for yourself in our range of colorful anime games. Forget your dusty manga collection for an afternoon and breathe in the same air as your favorite wide-eyed characters in anime games that break all the rules.

You don’t have to ride the subway in Tokyo at rush hour to access the best anime gaming experiences; we bring the gorgeous animation, wild stories and hilarious scenarios straight to you. Rub shoulders with other otaku who share your obsession; anime games online are interactive and full of surprises. But we don’t want to pigeonhole you into playing a certain character. Anime games allow you to be a sword-wielding sushi master one day and a magical fairy the next. So hurry over today – we promise you won’t find this many anime titles and fans outside of a Japanese cosplay convention.

Experience new dimensions of storytelling in a genre-bending anime game

Our artist’s pencils have been sketching non-stop to bring you the beautiful anime characters and unforgettable landscapes you expect to find in a quality anime game. Thanks to our incredible range of anime RPG games, you can don the swirling robes of a soul reaper and strike fear into the hearts of malicious ninjas hiding in the shadows. If stealthy ninja games aren’t your style, then unsheathe your deadly katana to deal with your newfound enemies as a samurai.

But you can also bypass the gore altogether and try a few magic tricks as a mage in our interactive MMO games. Our online games gather the best gamers from around the world together into unreal settings for guaranteed fun. You can battle Godzilla’s spawn in a team or go questing alone. Leave friendship and rivalry behind and go radically Zen by planting your own Japanese garden. These are just a few of the surprising gaming experiences you’ll find in anime video games.

Anime games bring you the wackiest gaming experiences straight from Japan!

From star signs to sushi rolls, we have enough immersive, completely free anime games to hold you over until you’ve saved up for a plane ticket to Tokyo. Game design is rarely better – or crazier – than in anime games from the best minds working in Japan. Lucky for you, Browsergamez has a sweet collection of your soon-to-be-favorite anime games online. Check out these surprising genres:

  • Magic Games & Mystery
  • Beauty & Horror
  • Kawaii & Gore
  • Adventure & Romance

With awesome combinations like these – plus many more – you’ll find stories within our best anime games to entrance you for hours. You’ll recognize your favorite franchise characters and create new daring avatars you’ll come back to time and time again. Role playing, dress up and adventure have never been easier to enjoy. Our free anime games offer an unbelievable opportunity to escape into an animated world designed by dreamers like you.

No traveling required to enjoy these anime games today

Best of all, you can play them on your browser at home, your tablet on the couch, or your iOS and Android mobile device while you’re at the bus stop. Whatever your preferred gaming platform or taste in anime game, Browsergamez delivers free games of every persuasion.

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