Animal games offer furry companionship without the allergies

Hey, animal lovers! You’ll have plenty of reason to smile when you visit and meet the cute, fuzzy creatures you’ve always dreamed of owning – but weren’t allowed to. You’d have a hard time herding horses, sheep, piglets, elephants and birds into your room at home – so we make it easy and bring them straight to your browser or mobile device. Forget the hairballs that will have grandpa sneezing for hours; our animals provide all the furry companionship of the real thing without the hassle or mess. Besides, our animals couldn’t be happier roaming the expansive fields in our lush animal games online. Come on over and discover everything you’ll need to raise your very first pet.

Animals in games are your chance to experience nature firsthand

Experience the fun and responsibility of keeping your very own animals with one of our free animal games. You’ll have to learn the basics of animal care pretty fast when you inherit your first farm. Your livestock will depend on you to feed them and make sure they get enough daily exercise to stay fit. Our farm games allow you to work alongside your loyal animals as you till the land and plant your next crop of fresh fruit and veggies. Take ol’ Bessie the cow with you to the market to sell your produce, or enjoy the bounty at home with your hens hot–on-your-heels.

Why not explore the countryside on one of your horses or adorable ponies? With our delightful selection of horse games, every girl can live the dream of breezing over jumps or fences on her favorite stallion. You can let your imagination run wild – as well as your steed – as you breed ponies in a rainbow of colors never seen before in real life. There are plenty of ways to enjoy animals no matter what your experience level. If you want to have the fun on a smaller scale, then why not give one of our cute pet games a try? That puppy in the window is looking for a loving home; play an animal game to find out if you’re its ideal owner!

With such a variety of online animal games to choose from, you might want to take all our animals home with you. In that case, why not try your hand at zoo keeping in one of our wild zoo games. Build habitats for exotic animals and make sure you decorate to make them feel at home; you’ll grow to appreciate the diversity of nature as you see your park expand. Find the perfect game and animals to match your personality and you’ll also get to:

  • Tackle the responsibility of caring for an animal
  • Experience the joys of having a loyal pet
  • Run your own farm full of cute critters
  • Collect exotic animals in your own zoo

Animal games are free to play and fun for the whole family, meaning everyone can share in the fun of raising a new pet.

Your new pets will follow you anywhere

Animal games are designed especially to keep your imagination engaged while you care for lovable creatures. Players of all ages will delight in having to tend to their own livestock for the first time. We make it easy to enjoy the majesty of the animal kingdom from your favorite browser, or away from home on your mobile device or tablet. Our casual mobile games for Android and iOS can be enjoyed anywhere on the go, while our downloadable browser games offer immersive play that you can come back to again and again.

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