Angry Birds

Watch them Fly Across the Screen in Angry Birds Games

In the history of the video games industry, there have been quite a few ridiculous ideas that have proven to be successful and iconic in the long run. It might even seem as though the wackier a video game’s protagonist is, the more successful the franchise will be. You don’t believe us? Well, take a closer look at Super Mario then: an Italian plumber who saves the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom from the claws of a mutated turtle-meets-dragon? How about Rayman? It is quite bizarre to have a limbless and neckless superhero who can throw his fists at enemies considering that they are not physically attached to his body. The list can go on and on. But we’re here to talk about one specific franchise that fits right into the list of bizarre protagonists. Angry Birds games have swept across the mobile gaming industry taking over the casual games genre. The franchise’s iconic, yet bizarre gameplay concept has made it stand out in a unique way. In Angry Birds games, your feathery protagonists are shot across the screen with a slingshot. In an innovative take on the birds, Red, Chuck, and Co. can actually not fly at all. What’s even more bizarre is that the main antagonists in Angry Birds games are green pigs who protect themselves against the flying (or shall we say falling?) birds in constructions of glass, wood, and stone. Oh, we haven’t even mentioned that the birds and pigs have no limbs. They’re just heads. Now, that’s what you call an innovative game concept, Mario!

Angry Birds Games as Colorful as their Protagonists

We have already mentioned the original game concept that has made the franchise so successful. The original Angry Bird game allows you to shoot your birds across the screen trying to defeat each and every one of the bad piggies. Each bird type has a different special ability.

  • Chuck can go faster in mid-flight
  • Bomb obviously explodes
  • Matilda drops exploding eggs in mid-fight
  • The Blues are shot as a trio

While many of the subsequent Angry Birds games have followed this successful gameplay recipe, there have also been many installments that have taken the franchise into a completely different direction. Angry Birds: Go! is a racing game in which the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies take their dispute to the racing tracks hopping into go-karts. Angry Birds Epic takes players on a fantastical journey in an RPG setting. All of the iconic characters are re-imagined taking on traditional fantasy genre roles.

The Biggest Franchises

If you thought Angry Birds games couldn’t get any better, we have news for you. The franchise has repeatedly teamed up with major franchises over the past few years. Angry Birds games have been combined with the original and the new Star Wars trilogy, with Transformers, and Rio! Each and every one of these mashups has re-interpreted Angry Birds games and brought something entirely new to each installment. This makes each and every new Angry Bird game feel familiar and new at the same time!

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