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A war wages on. One that may never end. On one side we have Apple and on the other we have Google. These computing giants are at constant loggerheads with each other, and never has this been more evident than in the world of mobile gaming. Two websites come to mind when discussing this battle: and Many games are cross-platform, meaning that they will be available on more than one operating system, however some are designed to be played on only one. No one knows which operating system will be more popular in the future, but for now, Apple seems to be winning this race. Sorry to all Android fans! Nonetheless, there are many mobile game developers that have chosen to use Android instead of iOS, and good ones at that!

Android games are pretty much the same as any other platform’s games, except of course, that they must be played on an Android device (stating the obvious, we know). However, there is quite a large array of mobiles and tablet which use the Android operating system. Owned by Google, you will find games for Android in the Google Play store.

Released in 2008, the Android operating system is constantly changing and adapting to cope with consumer demand. Once consisting of a simple interface for what was (back in the day) the latest mobile phones, the Android operating system has been developed quite substantially over the years and now it powers over 1 billion smartphones. Furthermore, it offers a wealth of features which mobile game developers utilize in their games, including the latest touchscreen and tilt technology that allows for unique forms of gameplay. Android games are very immersive and sometimes even more interactive that you average console or computer game.

Furthermore, Android games will be adapted so that they are easily played through your mobile or tablet. Some games might be better played through the tablet, for it is larger in size and will display better detail. However, the smaller screen of smartphones is usually sufficient for most Android games.

Many Android Games are Free

You will be pleased to hear that free Android games are aplenty. Most developers will make their money through in-game purchases for things like cool items and new features. Don’t worry though, most will not require you to part with your cash at all, and the game can be played right through to the end without any hindrance. Simply download the app, set up an account and get started! When a certain game is available on both Android and iOS, players of both operating systems will play in the same worlds and won’t notice a different except maybe for when new updates are released.

Play on the Go

There are many advantages to playing Android games and perhaps the most prominent is that these games can all be played on the go. The advantages of this are as follows:

  • Play in short bursts
  • Pause
  • Play anywhere
  • Play anytime
  • More sociable

These positive aspects about Android games could be what makes them so popular and why people choose to play them over their PC or console counterparts. What’s your reason?

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