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In space no one can hear you scream. But thankfully, with’s selection of otherworldly alien games there’s no need for you to travel quite that far to indulge your extra-terrestrial appetite. With a range of intergalactic adventures featuring a variety of friendly (and not so friendly) lifeforms, you have the perfect opportunity to get to grips with any alien game that satisfies your search for the strangest astrobiology.

Travel the universe and visit brave new worlds, discover incomprehensible new lifeforms and join allies and enemies on the battle field as you explore the final frontier. Search out new exoplanets without relying on the SETI program as you jump in your space ship and explore the habitable zone around countless stars in the universe. What’s more, with the high quality graphics, sound and game engines found within our alien games, you’ll experience unimaginable worlds as never before.

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Pack up your pulse rifle and reload your ray gun as you hunt down the alien threat to humanity in’s alien shooting games. However, make sure the hunter doesn’t become the hunted as the tide turns in your cosmic battle and the alien swarms begin to gain the upper hand. Blast your way through wave after wave of bloodthirsty aliens as you fend off the gathering hoards, become a bounty hunter and track wanted alien criminals across the galaxy or jump in your starship and enter the ionosphere to dogfight your way to victory. Check out an alien invaders game from our collection and relive that retro styled gaming experience as you shoot down pixilated space crafts. Whatever alien shooting games you decide upon, you’ll have to keep a steady aim to come out on top.

Close encounters with alien games online in every imaginable category

Alongside chilling alien abduction games and thrilling alien invasion games, also offers a range of alien themed games of every type and in every category. Big fans of the Ben Ten Ultimate Alien series can get their fill of the Alien Force by jumping straight into the Ultimatrix to battle Vilgax and Diagon. Alternatively, you can also try one of our alien games in these categories:

  • Alien Action Games
  • Alien MMORPG Games
  • Alien Strategy Games
  • Alien TPS Games
  • Alien Board Games

So, whatever your preferred type of game, Browsergamez has something for you. Whether it’s exciting action games, studious strategy games or brilliant board games, you’ll always have plenty of choice.

Exotic new worlds in the palm of your hand with an alien game for your mobile device

Transport yourself to exciting new worlds, wherever you may be, with’s collection of alien games for your favorite mobile device. Simply download your chosen game and you will have uninterrupted access - whether in the car, on the train or passing those long and drawn out hours waiting for a plane. Available for both smartphone and tablet PC, you can be sure that your chosen alien game will look fantastic.

Alternatively, if you want to play alien games online from your alien gaming computer or alien gaming laptop, then you can simply access your chosen game from your preferred browser. This option will ensure that you get the very best full screen gameplay and graphics. Sign up to today for action filled alien games of the most otherworldly origin.

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